I'm always looking for nutritious snacks that I can eat while I am either biking or running and I found a new one.  I read about Pure Bar in Triathlete magazine and it stated that the bar was vegan, organic, and raw.  With all that going for it I figured it was worth a try. I found the bars at Trader Joes for about $1.40.  I think they come in more flavors but only saw the chocolate brownie (not a favorite) and cherry cashew (I Love it!).    I've been taking these 200 calorie whole food bars on my long bike rides and find that I can avoid ingesting gels (not so natural) in favor of a natural and tasty treat that I look forward to eating instead of those awful tasting gels.

Whether you are an athlete or not, check them out.  Visit www.thepurebar.com for details and retailers.