On Tuesday i put in my first weight training sessiion in about 10 days.  I focused on back and shoulders plus some pushups for 35 minutes.  Didn't have time for any more, but was feeling good in the 12-15 rep range. After my morning clients i set out for a long bike ride.  I have never done this route by myself and am feeling a little pressed for time because i have a client this evening and have some prep work to do.  I't a 4 hour ride from John Street Fitness, up the west side, over the GWBridge and onto route 9w.  I've planned to ride 2 hours and then turn around, maybe less if i'm riding with the wind to allow extra time on the return.

I'm feeling well fueled for the ride and the temps are warm but comfortable.  There is a portion of the bike path that gets rather bumpy and i know this section well.  I should not have been in the earo position going 18mph since i've not ridden in terrain like that with these new aero bars.  Well I hit a bump and quickly went down.  I fell on my right side and slid a bit.  Another cyclist stoped to ask if I was OK and to provide help in getting out of my shoe which was stuck in the clip.  I sat there for a few, assessed my scrapes.  I had a handi wipe and wiped the area on my shoulder, forearm and hip that was bleeding just a little.  No cuts, just road rash.  Someone else on foot stopped and offered me a bandaid.  How fortunate was that?  I felt OK, i've fallen before not a big deal.  So i continued with my ride.

I went further on this path and followed another cyclist to the bridge and across.  I continued for another hour and turned around.  My right thigh is feeling a bit swollen.  I took the ride very easy.  My mind was set on getting in a long ride and that was foolish.  I should have headed home after the fall.

I returned to the gym to pick up my bag and head home.  Used the first aid kit to clean my scrapes better.  As i thought about this episode i realized that i'ts negative thinking and fear that caused this fall.  I've had all my accidents in the month of August and have come to believe  i'm cursed of something.  First one was two years ago when i got hit by a car.  Went to emergency room to get checked out and all was well.  Then last year i got into what will be my worst accident (positive thinking).  A collision with another cyclist where i fell and separated my shoulder.  This was followed by surgery and a long recovery.  Today i'm focusing on good thoughts because i really believe it's my mind that caused the accident.  It wasn't just an accident, i caused it!  Swallow that one.

I  woke today respecting my body but feeling rather sore.  Taking the day off from training obviously and icing my right quad.  It's showing some bruising now and swelling has gone down from the icing last night.