My goal for the rest of summer is to get in an open water swim every weekend.  Works quite nicely because there are group swims at Brighton Beach on Saturdays and Sundays.  Ideally i will swim Saturdays and then do my long Bike on Sundays and follow with a swim again on Monday's. Finally a warm summer weekend.  I saw Lisa again, the local who swims just about every day and also met two newcomers one who is a seasoned triathlete and another doing her first in about a month and has never swam in open water.  Enjoyed talking to both of them after the swim and shared contact information.  Gina is interested in going on long bike rides with me which is great.  She also works free lance and may be available for week days out there.

I learned about the jettys.  Each is a 1/4 mile apart, so that is helpful in determining how far you've swam.  I wanted to swim for an hour 15 min.  Three of us left to swim half mile and turn around.  We swam with the current and didn't realize how strong it ws until we turned around.  Ultimately took me an hour to swim a mile.  Next time I will swim to start against the current and swim further, ideally a mile and then turn around and swim with the current.  Noticed my HR was about 3BPM faster than the same intensity of swim in a pool.  Felt comfortable in the water except when my goggles fogged and i couldn't see my targets.  Found it difficult to navigate and will work on sighting more frequently on my next swim.

Really a nice day.  David ran the boardwalk while i swam and then we headed home to clean up and go see friends for an evening BBQ.