I was thinking about how now that tri season is over and i'm not accumulating as many training hours a week how my food intake, mood, and hunger levels have changed so I will attempt to include food log along with my daily training. Today is Monday,  first training day of the week and I woke up not feeling very rested.  It doesn't help that it's 4:45am but i did get almost 7 hours of restful sleep.  Last night I had wine with dinner and had dessert about 30 minutes before bed and that didn't help.  So i started my morning with 2 ounces of cleanse for life along with my regular shot of Ionix Supreme which will give me the morning boost i need.  I had two clients before i had time to eat and now it's 8:15.  I had the intention to just  have an Isalean Shake in pudding form but was quite hungry and have about 35 minutes to kill so I went to a favorite spot across the street from the fitness center.  I saw a bran muffin that was fat free and had peaches in it so I ordered that and a cup of tea.  After consuming the pudding and the muffin I was completely satisfied.  Breakfast was probably about 700 calories.

Finally we have a sunny day after 3 days of dreary cold.  I'm in a good mood and ready for a run after finishing with clients.  It's about 1.5 hours since i ate that big breakfast and i'm feeling really satisfied and energized.  Today i'm running 7 miles downtown from John street around battery park and up the west side briefly.  Very little wind today which is a nice change.  Started with a one mile warm up a little slower than 9mm.  Main set was 5.25 miles at 8:35 (goal pace was a bit faster than 9:00) and average hr was at 159.  Feeling really tall and wondering if the yoga and stretching work is having an effect or if it has to do with not running yesterday and having a moderate short bike workout instead.  Finished with a 1 mile cool down.  I really enjoyed the run and think the heavy carb breakfast helped with that plus i didn't stop moving after eating it.  If I had sat instead of busying myself with clients I may not have been so energetic.

David and I are only eating one dinner together this week.  Either he is out every night or I am so that got me thinking about consuming the majority of my calories before dinner and having just a shake, soup, salad or something else light for dinner every day this week.  Also to not eat because it's a specific time, but because i'm hungry.  Since i had so many calories before the run there was no reason to refuel after.  I wasn't hungry again until 3pm, that's 6 1/2 hours after breakfast which is really unusual for me.  For lunch I had some leftovers from Saturday but served it a little differently.  I lined a plate with fresh baby spinach and topped it with a lentil mixture that i made on Saturday.  Basically it's lentils, leak, carrot and bean sprouts.  Then i heated up some smoked trout and topped the meal with that.  Although it was a lot of food it was only about 500 calories.  Was really satisfying and i took my time eating it at the dinner table with some water.  I bet i wont get hungry again until about 8pm.  Heres a quick link to the trout recipe.

That's the other thing.  I'm going to be very conscious of my water consumption.  In the summer i was drinking a lot more and have noticed i'm not drinking as much and need to be more conscious of drinking plenty during the day and not waiting till evening to catch up.

Around 8:30 I had my last meal which was another shake, but half Isalean and half Pro leaving me with a higher protein, lower carb meal.  I included isafruits and calcium for the antioxidants.  While relaxing with David I indulged in a new treat I found which was a rice crispy bar topped with a glaze of peanut butter and chocolate.  Very decidant.  Almost wish I had not found it because they are a regular dessert I can pick up anytime on the way home from the subway.