This is a short week for weight training.  I have access to a gym Monday through Wednesday and than am traveling for 11 days.  Focusing on strangth and stability for upper body and going to hit legs hard on Tuesday. Monday- at my gym in the basement a couple hours following a run I did a fairly light workout for 35 minutes followed by 10 minutes of abdominals using the TRX.  Ab work felt hard and should not have.  Slacking on that lately, not good since i'll be in a bathing suit for most of my vacation.  Come on Carla, priorities.  Worked back, chest snd shoulders in super sets of strength followed by stability.  Most all the shoulder work was light and more stability than strength.  Want to make sure my shoulder feels good for all the swimming i'll be doing in FIJI.

Stability ball prone Y- 3# 3x12 focusing rear delt and scapular region.  SS with SB prone W- 5# 3x12 transverse shoulder ext rotation.

Lat pd WG 70# 3x10 SS with Prone CG row 10# 3x20 easy

Puch ups- feet stacked 3x15 (left shoulder feels good today) SS with SB supine fly 15# 3x20 easy

Stability ball prone T- 3# 3x12 focusing mid and rear delt SS with SB prone L- 2# 3x10 horizontal internal and external rotation.  a little tough.

Tuesday-  I am only doing legs today and good thing because I only have about 25 minutes at John street between clients.  Want to go fairly heavy as my squats and deadlifts felt easy last week.  Added 10 pounds to the barbell to make it 105 total and want to increase volume from last week as well.  Did 4x10 squats and 4x10 deadlifts.  Range of motion was really good and felt strong.  My back is sore for some reason today.

Wednesday- I'm loging this in before my Flight to FIJi that leaves in a few hours.  Can't wait.  Feel great today.  I spent about a half hour working on abs and yoga and it was much needed.  My body feels great, but 17 hours in the air over the next 24 hours will change that.

I got in a quick workout in the basement gym focusing on back and shoulders.  Started with high reps and added weight each set.  Range was from 10-20 reps and short rest periods.  SA DB row, Military db OHP, Lat pd wg, db shoulder scaption, db rev fly, db shoulder flexion reciprocal and cable shoulder extension reciprocal.  Quick but good workout.