I have been fortunate to never fall during a winter run but I see so many people slipping and sliding around that I think this product is worth mentioning for everyone who wants to get around more safely in the winter.  And if your are the type who makes excuses about exercising in the winter because the conditions aren't ideal, i've got a solution for you. Yaktrax are a product designed to fit over any type of shoe and they provide stability on slippery, snowy surfaces.  When I go for runs in the snow I hardly see anyone out running with me.  Everyone is affraid of injury, and for good reason.  This product really works.  I used them for the first time last weekend the morning following 12 inches of snow.

They are really easy to put on and remove from your shoes.  They are made of rubber and the part that covers the bottom of your shoe consists of cross sections of rubber and metal coiling.  On a dry surface they are kind of springy, but on snow, (whether light or packed) and ice they grip.  I did notice that they made running a bit slower and harder on surfaces that were not snow covered.

On my first use i ran to prospect park.  The first 2 miles were all up hill, almost all the sidewalks were completely snow covered and my footing was very secure.  In the park the drive had been plowed, but not salted, or at least most portions were not salted.  Again, whether the surface was flat or hilly the yaktrax really gripped.  As with any unsure footing, you want to be careful, but i'm really happy with this investment and will use them anytime following snowfall.

I wore them the following day when most of the snow had been removed, but small stretches of sidewalk were still covered.  I would advise against wearing them in these conditions.  In areas where there is no snow it's more difficult to run, and on the wood planks of the brooklyn bridge it was actually slippery.

Yaktrax come in two models, one for outdoor adventurers like myself and are the "pro" model, and a less hefty version is made for people who simply want to walk more safely in snow.  Check out www.yaktrax.com for more info.