Monday- Ideally the day following a long run I should run an easy 6 miles or so, but my schedule is off because my 22 miner was on Sunday instead of Saturday. I'm sticking with my mileage plan of 10 miles but going to go slower than typical 9:20 or better pace. I warmed up 2 miles mostly up hill to prospect park. Took it real slow. I'm feeling real sluggish, but nothing is sore, tight or bothering me. Took the loop counter-clockwise, had a gel at 5 miles when i turned around and continued my easy pace. My HR never got higher than 165bpm which means I took the hills real slow as well. Cooled down 1 mile easy. The main set was for 7 miles. Average pace was 9:38 and average HR was 153bpm. Shows I took it about as easy as i could. Will take the planned 6 miler tomorrow real easy because I have a real tough workout planned for Wednesday. Right before my last client I fit in a workout in the basement gym for 30 minutes. Worked mostly combination movements of upper and lower body with light weights. Leg volume was high, but not much weight. Focused on stability. Finished with 10 min on bosu for abs and a little yoga to finish off.

Tuesday- I have a chunk of time today between clients in the city and have an easy run and weights planned. My easy run was 6 miles down chambers street and up the Hudson river parkway, so mostly flat. My easy pace is 9:00 but today I just used heart rate as a gauge. Really want it to feel easy so i'm for the hard run I have planned for tomorrow. My average pace including the warm up and cool down was 9:09 and average HR was 148bpm. Really low, much lower than I expected it to be. Usually and easy run is about 153bpm. There was almost no wind today and think that was a bit of a factor, but mostly think I played it right yesterday by keeping my mid length run very easy. I have not had anything to eat either accept tea, ionix supreme and 2 ounces of cleanse. Last food was about 10 hours ago. Think the combo of no food, no water being carried on my body and light layers made me feel lighter for the run.

Right after the run I did 30 minutes of weights. Only did back and shoulders but pretty heavy. For back I did NG lat pull down, seated military press, machine delt row, DB shoulder scaption, DB bent over reverse fly, Cable straight arm pull down, and SA cable shoulder extension. For the multi joint exercises I did a warm up of 12-15 reps then continued with 3x8. For the single joint I went a little lighter and did mostly 3-4 sets x10 reps. Felt good to go heavy today. Left shoulder feels great. Did all this in 30 minutes, so rest periods were short as well.

Tuesday evening I went to Roosevelt pool a bit early. I'm swimming with the team but last week they did a threshold test and I want to do that today. Don't know how long it will take, but want to do the test and then jump in to the workout for the day. The test was really hard, and I was pretty spent by the end of the test. First was a warm up 6x50. Then 3 different drills, so another 300 yards total. Then before the time trial you swim 4x50 and count your strokes per 50. The goal is to swim strong and long. Each 50 was 47 or 48 strokes. Then the time trial. 3x100 with 30sec rest. 1:55, 2:00, 2:05 were my times. Average was 2:00. Then 1x200 to see if you are able to maintain the 2:00 average over 200 yards. I finished the 1x200 in 4:05. Les felt It was a good trial. Shows consistency. After that we did 6x100 at T time minus 5-10 sec. By the last one I was short 15 seconds. Felt my left shoulder pulling during the trial, not painful, just not normal.

Wednesday- It snowed overnight and didn't look too bad from my window, but once I got out there I felt it was going to be a difficult speed workout. My goal is to improve over last week in terms of pace and time at MP. I warmed up 2 miles to the track and did 4x100 with 100 walk as rest. Goal was 27 sec and completed them in 23-26 seconds. Happy with that considering the snow covered track. Immediately following I did 4x200 with 200 jog for rest. Goal was 54 sec and completed them in 50-52 seconds. jogged about 2 minutes then set to the streets for 5-6 miles at MP 7:52. I stayed in the streets, wove around red hook on streets with little traffic or need to stop. At 4 miles I was tired and just told myself you can always do one more mile. Pretty pleased that my pace was  consistent. I did 5 miles at 7:50 pace 176bpm HR. Last week I was only able to do 4 miles at 8:05 pace and HR was only a little lower. So quite happy with this improvement. Cooled down, easy jog home for about 1.5 miles, cutting my goal of 11 miles short by about .5 miles. In two weeks will do this again. Want to go over the bridge though. Warm up 3 miles then do intervals along the parkway and then do the tempo work there as well for 6 miles. May have to plan for a longer run (12-13 miles would be a good estimate).

Thursday- Only training on my agenda today is weights. Legs feel fine from hard run yesterday so going to stick with my plan for heavy strength training today. Did supersets for Legs and shoulders. Legs did 4x10 for the most part. Some exercises I increased weight and reduced reps as I progressed. For shoulders mostly 3x10. Did squats, deadlifts, s/l extensions, and BB front squat to cg OHP. For shoulders did DB scaption, seated military press, cable shoulder extension and BB front squat to OHP. Made good progress with the squats today. Finished 4th set with 115#. Shoulder felt good until I worked with the BB for the last exercise.

Friday- Between clients in the morning I had a really good weight training session. My legs are quite sore from yesterday, as are my shoulders. Focusing on Back today, some chest, biceps and triceps. For back I did 6 exercises, all supersets of stability and strength. Was quite tired by the end of the 45 minutes. Did SB push ups and supersets for biceps and triceps as well.

Later in the afternoon I did my indoor trainer workout.  Since my  legs feel real sore I'm not going to do intervals today. I would actually take the day off, had i not taken yesterday off. Yesterdays leg training is killing me. I want to be recovered as much as possible for 20 mile run tomorrow so took the indoor trainer ride real easy. Though I was going to stay on for an hour, but cut it to 40 minutes. My HR never got above 154 and I kept the cadence fairly high, around 80rpm. Worked at about the same effort that I would put in for a long endurance ride, minus the hills.

Saturday- Woke up feeling rested and legs feel recovered. Yesterday's easy bike ride was a good choice. It snowed over night and is still snowing. Only a couple inches on the ground, but its quite windy, about 15mph winds. and temps are in the low 20s. Running mixed terrain of hills in prospect park, since I did flat last week. Objective is to warm up 2 miles to the park. Miles 2-9 easy 9:30 or slower pace, then next 3 miles 9:00, next 3 8:30 and last 2-3 8:00 then cool down at least 2 miles. Got to the park and the snow is really coming down. Not a pleasant snow either. Stings my face. Start clockwise and footing is good at first. About 1/3 of the loop has really poor footing because the wind causes drift, therefore the plowing and salting isn't helping in the areas where you also happen to have the wind in your face. Wish I had worn my yaktrax, really would have helped a lot. The first 9 miles were really easy, not including warm up the pace was 9:29 and HR 155 average. I was happy with my energy throughout this run. I planned for gels every 4 miles and that plan worked well. Every time I had a gel I walked, drank (hose froze again) and in many cases had a change of pace after the break. At the 10 mile mark I turned around and went counter-clockwise.  Miles 9-12 were at 8:53 pace HR 164. Miles 12-15 were 8:29 pace HR 170bpm. Last progression was to 7:58 (slightly slower than MP) for 2 miles and HR was 171. I wanted to do 3 miles but the last two were against the wind, in snow and I was having trouble keeping the pace, and a big .4 mile hill was in front of me. So I stopped the work set because I wanted to feel good about this accomplishment, and didn't want to push 100% up that last hill. Took the last mile before my cool down at about the same effort, HR was 169 bpm and pace was 8:45. Did an easy 2 mile cool down.  This was a really hard progressive run.  Will be interesting to see how my body feels tomorrow.  Stretched very lightly after the run, fueled up and did some yoga about an hour later.

SUNDAY- feel totally fine after the long run yesterday. Had a half of an isalean shake and braved the cold again. Weather is much like yesterday. Temps in low 20s, heavy winds, but today it's sunny. Had planned on going flat for a 7 mile easy run, but red hook would be the best choice for that and I already spent  time there ton Wednesday, so will go over the brooklyn bridge and take the hills real easy. I just thought about doing an easy run, not about the typical 9mm pace associated with it. Wind is against me going over the bridge and I'm not pushing it at all. My av HR was about 154 and I don't think I went any faster than 8mm briefly on the down hill side of the bridge. Really happy that nothing hurts today, no twinges anywhere, tightness, all is good.

Week Totals: 13 hours of training.  Run 54 miles, Swim 1hr 20min, Bike indoors 40 min, Weight train 1 hr 45 over 3 days.  Also did Abdominal work and yoga almost daily