MONDAY- I had a super easy run today, combining training wieh business.  Lots of  stop and go as I ran around brooklyn visiting businesses sharing information about Isagenix.  4.75 miles total.

Later in the day I wanted to put in more time for weights and yoga  but ran out of time. In my gym basement before my last client I got in 40 min of weights and 10 min of abs. Since i'm running tempo tomorrow and swimming i'm focusing just back and shoulder. Did sets of 4. Sometimes first set was light, but in anycase worked on increasing weights or shortening rest for each set. Did straight sets alternating between back and chest exercises. Lat Pd supinated, BB OHP, BB bent over Row, DB cg shoulder press, Ca bent over rev fly (light 4x10), Ca sa should horiz extension (light), DB lateral raises. Left shoulder was a little problematic on the reverse fly. Noticing shoulder work is much better after running.

TUESDAY- it's marathon pace day. I'm increasing the mileage at marathon pace from 6.5 from 2 weeks ago to 10. I'm fortunate to be in the city already so have the advantage of avoiding hills and traffic lights for a good chunk of the run. Did a two mile warm up over to the Hudson River Park and ran north. Had no problam hitting 7:54 pace and at first my HR was quite low.  Monitoring both my pace and HR with goal of running 10 out of 14 miles at 7:54 and HR 173. Today is the warmest day of the year so far. about 50 degrees by time time i was in the middle of the run. Wore shorts and tee shirt and felt great to not be wearing a lot. Had eaten a bran muffin, banana, and hard boiled egg about 2 hours before the run and stomach and energy was great. Also very little wind. A bit more wind the first half then the second. Had a gel 3 miles into the MP set and another 4 miles later. No stops for bathroom or water. Jogged briefly for gels and water and picked up the pace again with no problem. I ended up running the 10 miles at 7:52 pace and HR ave 175. I feel I could hold this HR during a marathon as long as I get the fluids and gels frequently enough. Average pace including warm up and cool down was 8:04! Great day for running. Best day of the year so far and this was my last mid distance marathon pace run so I'm really pleased.

I  intended to get in a leg workout but was dependant on how I was feeling and after my fantastic run.  After the run I just wanted to ea, so I had an apple then did Squats and leg extensions and thats it. 3x12. Will adjust my workout schedule so I can do a more thorough leg workout on Thursday.

It's been a real busy day. My kitchen is being demolished for renovation today so trying to stay away from home and it's not a problem with all the clients, calls, and errands I have today. Around 4:00 I felt a drop in my energy and wasn't looking forward to going to the pool. Made a dish of yogurt mixed with isa pro pure protein and that did the trick. Went to Roosevelt pool to swim with tritons. Today is tempo day but I'm not going to take it too hard. Focusing on form, flutter kick, glide, and putting just enough energy in to not sink basically. Did warm up and drills for 15 minutes. The rest is supposed to be at time trial pace which for me is 2:00 for 100yards. The test was from a few weeks back and I know I should be able to do under 2:00 but i'm just working at that level for today considering all the running and weight training i've done. Did 5x100@T with 15 sec rest followed by 5 sets of 150@T (30sec) 50 easy. 100's went well pretty much. Time was good but stroke rate not great. First 150 didn't feel great but time was OK. Feel like i'm working too hard so started to focus in on just being quiet in the water and a real een flutter kick. This did the trick, felt like a lot less effort and although my time wa off by 5-10 sec I was happy that I was able to make the adjustment. Not happy with stroke rate today. Most were between 22 and 25. Really want to get down to 20 soon. Will start to reduce running training soon and hope to see improvements in my swimming at that time. Did about 2300 yards total over 1:10.  Considering all the volume I did today, happy with the results of the day overall.

THURSDAY- Yesterday I did not train at all, except for 40 min jog/walk with TNT, and yet my legs are a little sore. Have not had time for Yoga much this week and I think that is one of the reasons i'm feeling tight. Had a good breakfast about 1.5 hours before my 10 mile run. I ran from John street along battery park city up to the Intrepid and turned around. There was some wind against me on the way up and quite a bit easier on the way back. Focused on HR instead of pace, although pace for this run was suppposed to be 9:20mm. I didn't take any gels and drank pure water. Wanted to see how my muscles would feel if I kept my HR below 80% most of the time. Really didn't feel the need for gels even at the end. The main set was 8.5 miles at HR of 152bpm and pace 9:07. This is a pretty good HR for me for this pace, so the bit of fatigue i'm feeling is not due to over use or inadequate recovery. My legs feel fine when i'm running, just a bit tired when standing and left ITband is still tight.

Following my run I had an apple right away to restore some carbs, stretched and showered. Then I did 30 minutes of weights focusing on shoulders. 5 shoulder exercises, 2 triceps, and light (180#) leg presses. No pain or discomfort in my left shoulder. Seems to be significantly better after running as the joint and surrounding muscles are warmed up and relaxed. Will continue working shoulders after my runs and not before them.

FRIDAY- in the basement gym between clients I put in a quick workout focusing on back and biceps. Not feeling energetic today. It's not so much physical as emotionally drained. Did 5 for back and 2 for biceps. Rps 8-12 and 3 sets each. Supersets of strength and stability. Also did some ab work. Will get on bike later today.

I'm not really into this ride.  I'm annoyed and distracted from getting my work done by the kitchen renovation but will do my best to get in a decent ride. Going to try something new today. 5 minute intervals at about the intensity i would ride a half ironman. My last race HR was average 161, but i dont't hink i'll be hitting that today. Just focusing on 75 or so cadence and moderately hard resistance for 5 min, then 5 min easy pace. Repeat 4 times. Found that a hr of about 142-148 was all I could sustain at the appropriate intensity. A bit disappointed as I don't know if that is more an indicator of fatigue from all the running i'm doing or if I have a lot of work ahead of me on the bike. Rode for 1 hour, did 4 ot those intervals, was fairly bored. Average cadenct for the work sets was between 74 and 80 for the most part.

SUNDAY- I was supposed to run a long 22 miles yesterday but it rained to flood levels and I didn't even run the 6 miles to finish off my week. So yesterday I took the whole day off. Went to bed late, was working on putting items back into kitchen now that the cabinets are installed. Plus clocks were set forward last night, so I got up late, still feeling lazy because it's still raining. Eventually set out for 22 miles flat in the city. Warmed up 1 mile to brooklyn bridge, went down fulton street and around battery pack city up the west side. Was not raining hard at first and run was quite pleasant except for the wind. Around mile 5 it started to rain hard, against the wind, skin soaked and cold...not fun. Rain slowed a bit and the return run was much more enjoyable. My long run pace is supposed to be 9:48 but that's never the case once I get out there, and today was no exception. In general used HR instead of pace for the run. Kept HR average at about 154 bpm, and took some of the hills on the way home a bit hard, but otherwise kept HR no higher than 83% max. Legs felt good, everything felt good, except my skin. Took a gel at 4 mile, 8, 12 and 16 and that worked fine. Walked briefly for each gel and had a bathroom/water stop around 13 mile mark. Aside from the rain I'm happy with the run. One of my better average paces, considering conditions, and my breathing and HR were totally under control. Think it helped to have two easy days prior (friday was bike and Saturday was off). Cooled down completely for a mile. Average pace for the 20 mile main set was 9:11 and AV hr was 154. Of all my long runs this was the fastest at the lowest HR.

Week totals wer 11 hrs 45 in with 50 miles of running.  1 hout on indoor trainer.  1:15 mi swim and 2 hours of weights over 4 workouts.  Good week.  Ordered new shoes after realizing i had run 750 mies in these.  OOPS>