Today I'm running 1 mile threshold intervals.  Have done some tempo work thrown in here and there but now that I am planning a 15k for April and thinking of running a 1/2 marathon in May I want to do more of this work.  I  really have not done any focused running at anaerobic threshold and the best way to start training in that lactate threshold zone is to do some intervals at 6-12 minutes so I am focusing on a mile at under 8 minutes and repeating 3 times over a 6.5 mile run.
Yesterday i did speed intervals on the treadmill so really this should be an easy day but I want to push myself a bit this week because next week is going to be less volume overall.  
I awoke, (2 morning clients cancelled), had 2oz of Cleanse fo life, got dressed, had 2 isadelights and went out to about 30 degrees and light snow flurries.  I headed to the track for my warm up to check out the conditions there for future reference.  It is completely snow covered and will probably remain that way all winter.  Bummer!!  Rescued a pit bull that got away from its owner somehow and was wandering around in traffic.  They guy was a runner.  After about 2 mile warm up needed the bathroom so stopped back home.  
Now ready for my workout.  Feel good, really good.  Roads are fairly clear, some snow and ice in areas but not enough to prevent a fast pace, just have to take it a little slow in places.  I'm on Kent heading toward the navy yeads for my first 1 minute interval and did 7:47 at 177 av hr/185 max followed by 2 minute jog.  It felt good, moderately hard and feel I can complete 2 more at same pace.  2nd 1 mile was a little against the wind and had some turns to deal with but held a 7:41 pace and HR 183 av/187 max, turned around and took a 4 minute jog recovery.  Getting hot now and feeling my legs getting heavy.  3rd 1 minute interal didn't feel as good form wise but ran 7:53 at HR 182 average and 187 max.  
Comparing this to the workoug yesterday which was 5 minute harder intervals on the treadmill I have to say this felt better, easier and was the same pace or faster although my average HR was a little higher.  As i mentioned in yesterdays report I felt the wamer inside conditions were holding me back a bit.  I feel really good about the pace for my first attempt at threshold intervals although eventually I would like to be doing my threshold work at a 7:30 or better pace.  Also I should be able to work up to 185bpm and sustain that for longer.  I also counted strides for both the treadmill adn the outdoor work today and was running consistently at 95-100 steps per minute.  Finished the workout with about 3/4 mile easy jog and stretching.