Eggs, avocado, and sweet potato!  Yum.  I don’t keep bread in the house but always have avocado on hand.  In this recipe I substitute nutritious avocado for bread and make a better carb choice with sweet potato.

 Serves 2:

1 large sweet potato 1T + 1tsp coconut oil garlic powder onion powder (optional) dried herbs (optional) salt pepper 4 large eggs 1 large avocado

Cut sweet potato lengthwise so it will fit in a food processor tube.  Use the shredder blade.  Combine shredded sweet potatoes, and herbs in a bowl.  Add 1T coconut oil to preferably an iron skillet.  Once nice and hot stir-fry potato for one minute then place lid on top for a few more minutes.  Hash is done when some of the hash is brown and texture is soft. 

Cut avocado in half lengthwise, and then in half again.  Remove skin.  2 slices will have a hole where the seed once was.  Dig a hole in the other two slices.  Place the remaining teaspoon of oil in a skillet and warm.  Place avocado slices on the skillet.  Brown slightly and turn.  Drop an egg in the middle of each slice and cook as desired adding salt and pepper if you wish.

Check out this great site for all you could possibly want to know about avocados.