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Two a Day the Right Way

I knew today was going to be a hot one so was glad to head to the pool after i finished with clients.  I drove to the pool, did 20 minutes of drills and a good warm up.  Found a tempo i was comfortable at for my main set of 1.2 miles at 1:10 seconds per stroke.  I had a lane to myself after the warm up and noticed for the first time today that i am much more comfortable when i am near the lane marker than in the middle as i was during the warm up.  Never noticed that before.  I swam the 1.2 miles in 48:30 with an average hr of 134 (on target) and kept the stroke length at 48-51 but my goal was 44-48.  Didn't really find my groove until about 10 laps.  I felt pretty streamlined but reality is that was a 40:25 min/mile, about 2 minutes below what i had planned for.  I wanted to do a set of speed work at the end but didn't have time.  Swam a total of 1 hr 10 min. I had all my gear with me to transition into a run.  Took my bag up to my apartment and headed out for a hill run.  Usually a do repeats on the Brooklyn side of the bridge which is a lesser grade than the Manhattan side.  I switched that around today.  I also ususlly only run about 5 miles total when i do hills but wanted to get in a longer warm up so ran 7 miles total.  Usually feel at my best around 5 miles into a run so went over the bridge and around city hall park.  That left me at 3 miles for the start of my set.

It's 89 degrees out, really humid and there's not too many tourists on the bridge which is the good part.  I didn't see a single other runner during my 7 hill repeats.  Each repeat was about 50-60 seconds.  I used a lamp post as my point to turn around and jog back down.  Rested about 1 minute at the bottom of the hill.  After the 7 repeats i ran the hill all the way  and over to home.  Goal was to keep my HR at the bottom of Zone5 but it was elevated a bit above that.

Considering the sun was hot and the humidity high i was really happy with this combo training or running and swimming.  Would like to do this more often.