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Spring has Sprung in Brooklyn

It's time to take some of the hard work you've been doing indoors and see how it translates outside.  Having taught many outdoor classes, I see how participants push themselves even harder when workouts are taken outdoors.  Regardless of your fitness level I have some ideas for you to get in some exercises while enjoying the outdoors.

  • A walk or jog over the Williamsburg Bridge, which is 4 miles total from NSP.
  • Wander over to McCarren Park and do a segment of walking/jogging and body weight exercises.  Remember all those killer jump squats, jack squats, push-ups with rotations from tabata class and cardio class?  Simply set a phone timer with intervals and get to it. 
  • At the track combine bodyweight and cardio on your own.  Run/speed walk one lap (1/4 mile) followed by 5 minutes of a circuit of three exercises like lunges, push-ups, and side planks.
  •  Get your bike tuned up now, and take advantage of all the bike paths that get you over the bridges and to the west side Hudson River Park or Prospect Park. 
  • Bike a 6-mile waterfront course all the way to Red Hook, stop at Fairway and picnic at the park at pier 44.
  • See Apps map my run and map my bike for ideas on courses and to log your activities.

I'm looking forward to biking and running without so many layers in preparation for my return to triathlon in June.  Hope to see some familiar faces out there.