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"Spring into Action" Teleseminar Nutrition Program

Are you are ready to take your health and fitness to a higher level and would like some help? What you may be missing when it comes to making lifestyle and dietary changes that will allow you to take your health and vitality to a higher level is the right coaching and support.

For the first time ever I am offering a 12- week series of live holistic nutrition teleseminars valued at $1200 for FREE.

Do you ask yourself these questions?:

How can I reduce and eliminate un-healthy cravings?

How can I reach and maintain a healthy weight?

How can I adjust my diet so that I recover well from my workouts?

How can I have vibrant energy and mental clarity all day long?

How can I get the support I need to improve my health?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is worth your time to take a look at this video link here. The 12-week program incorporates a nutritional cleansing program and this video explains the health benefits.

Intrigued? If you are interested in learning more about nutritional cleansing and the 12- week program contact me today to get your questions answered such as:

What cleanse program will fit into my lifestyle and goals.  The nutritional cleanse can be easily modified to meet your individual energy needs and schedule.

How can I do this affordably, with no extra out of pocket expenses?

When will the program start and how do I prepare for the start of my program?

To support you in creating these healthy new habits my 12-week Spring into Action live and recorded teleseminar series will include the following topics:

Remember this FREE course is valued at $1200 Creating an environment for success.

Learn the difference between Primary and Secondary foods and how lifestyle affects your physical health and your relationship with food.

Breaking the food craving cycle.

How food choices can improve performance in endurance, strength, and flexibility.

How to incorporate more whole foods into your diet, including what to shop for and how to prepare.

Experimenting with the energy of food.  How to use a food log and learn how foods affect your energy.

The importance of hydration and nutrition intake in relation to exercise.

Sugar cravings and how to address them.

Improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Self care for a healthier you.

The psychology of eating- it’s not that you don’t have will power.

Continuing with your success and how to move forward.

Each teleseminar will include time for you to ask questions, and the calls will be recorded so you can review them at any time.

The teleseminars will be on Monday's at 7:30 pm EST.  The first call will be Monday March 29th so contact me now to learn about the program and to enroll.  or 917-292-2069

For more information on Carla Weier visit For more information on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse visit