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Hacks For Energy and Focus

Hacks For Energy and Focus

Increasing general energy levels is something all my new clients are looking to achieve when hiring me.  Exercise is a great help, but it doesn't end there.  Here are my 6 tips to increase energy and mental focus.

Why I make my own hummus

I’ve noticed a growth in supermarket brands but was shocked to learn that the New York Times reported that the hummus industry has grown from just a $5 million dollar business 15 years ago to one that totaled $530 million in 2012.

Importance of Setting Goals

It’s simply a fact that when people have goals to guide them, they are happier and achieve more than they would without having them. Goals provide focus and a measuring stick for progress. 

Eliminate Plateaus: Add intensity

Hiring a personal trainer to constantly monitor your progress and effectiveness of workouts is one way to avoid plateaus. If you don’t have that liberty, start by taking a look at my 7 tips for adding intensity to you next workout.

Spring has Sprung in Brooklyn

It's time to take some of the hard work you've been doing indoors and see how it translates outside.  Having taught many outdoor classes, I see how participants push themselves even harder when workouts are taken outdoors.  Regardless of your fitness level I have some ideas for you to get in some exercises while enjoying the outdoors.

  • A walk or jog over the Williamsburg Bridge, which is 4 miles total from NSP.
  • Wander over to McCarren Park and do a segment of walking/jogging and body weight exercises.  Remember all those killer jump squats, jack squats, push-ups with rotations from tabata class and cardio class?  Simply set a phone timer with intervals and get to it. 
  • At the track combine bodyweight and cardio on your own.  Run/speed walk one lap (1/4 mile) followed by 5 minutes of a circuit of three exercises like lunges, push-ups, and side planks.
  •  Get your bike tuned up now, and take advantage of all the bike paths that get you over the bridges and to the west side Hudson River Park or Prospect Park. 
  • Bike a 6-mile waterfront course all the way to Red Hook, stop at Fairway and picnic at the park at pier 44.
  • See Apps map my run and map my bike for ideas on courses and to log your activities.

I'm looking forward to biking and running without so many layers in preparation for my return to triathlon in June.  Hope to see some familiar faces out there.

Killer Ball Technique

Last month I wrote about sitting too much with suggestions for moving throughout the day and keeping your body aligned properly.  You can make great progress with maintaining proper posture with a simple hard ball. 

Get out of that chair now!

Do you wonder why one shoulder feels different than the other, or why on just one side your low back feels tight?  It probably has a lot to do with your everyday movement patterns, including sitting too much.  When I started as a personal trainer I had no idea how much of my programming for clients was going to be geared toward fixing pre-existing postural and alignment problems.  There are simple everyday actions you can take to prevent further damage.  Maybe you think its all OK at the moment, well take a look here to see all the health hazards associated with sitting too much. 

95 Wall Street Promo- Spring into Shape

Together we will change your lifestyle so you can be as fabulous as possible.

Professional Organizer (Jaclyn Gross) and Personal Trainer (Carla Weier) team up to provide this special offer to residents at 95 Wall Street.  Spring is here and you have only 2 months to look and feel great for summer and BEYOND!

Our Spring into Shape Promo includes:


Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?  Do you know that 80% of what you wear comes from 20% of what you have?  All the other stuff just sits there taking up space.  Space you are going to need to replace the baggy clothes that Carla is going to shape you out of.  Now is the time to have a Professionsl Organizer help you get rid of the old things, create space for your current lifestyle and make getting dressed fun and easy.  De-clutter your closet and unleash a new you!  Visit and email Jaclyn@tiptoporganizing to get started today!



Do you have your heart set on wearing pencil thin pants that you dont want to part with but are too tight?  Not quite ready to go shopping for a new bathing suit?   If you are ready for a challenge, and to face the reality that some exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are in order, this package is for you.  Work with me a specialist in nutrition and personal training and you will get the results you desire.  All you have to do is walk right upstairs to the gym.  NO MORE EXCUSES.

In this package you will receive:

  • THREE 1-hour personal training sessions
  • ONE 1-hour Nutrition Consultation to review lifestyle and dietary challenges
  • ONE 1-hour assessment session for goal setting and physical assessments including body composition, strength, flexibility and muscular imbalances
  • * personal training package must be completed within 3 weeks. Contact to get started


    Offer Expires May 31, 2011

    ESSENTIAL OILS: Greening Your Body And Your Home

    Essential oils are so named because they contain the essence, or unique scent, of plants.  Essential oils are used in everything from bath products to household cleaners to food products.  In recent years essential oils have experienced a resurgence of popularity through aromatherapy. Essential oils such as lavender oil and rose oil are heralded for their calming properties.  But essential oils can also serve much more practical functions.  If you make your own household cleaners, which is much cheaper and much less toxic than buying conventional cleaners, you can add tree tea oil as a disinfectant and a scent-enhancer.  Orange, lemon, and pine oils, which are essential oils found in many conventional cleaners, also help remove stains and add shine.  Another disinfecting essential oil is eucalyptus, which can be added to laundry loads to kill dust mites.  Plus eucalyptus makes it easier to breather more deeply.  I once developed congestion the 24 hours prior to a triathlon and used eucalyptus oil on a tissue, which I lodged in a nostril overnight and awoke with 80% less congestion.

    For more information on shopping for green products visit Greenzer