Lucky me, a day with no rain forecasted.  First requirement is to get in a bike ride and a tune up.  Rode up Coney Island ave to Roy's to get a minor tune up before my next race.  Used the trafic lights to set myself up for 30-60 min pick up intervals.  Another objective of this trip was to discuss upgrades for my bike.  I've had this Specialized Transition bike for about 2 years and am ready to make it a true tri bike.  First step is replace curent handle bar system which is nice for city riding with true tri bars more appropriate for my racing goals and will place me in a true aero position.  Yikes, wasn't expecting to pay that, so will look at product reviews and see if I want a cheap upgrade or something I will want to take with me to my next bike.  Took the same route home but did a loop in prospect Park to add a few minutes. Next stop, the Red Hook pool.  It's a beautiful day but only about 75 degrees out.  Arrived to take a lane line all to myself.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  Warmed up for 15 minutes and focused on long stoke, did some drills, and counted strokes per lap.  Water feels great and sun on my back even better.  Love my new reflective goggles, a must for anyone swimming outdoors.  My work interval is meant to improve my speed for a 1500m race.  Often I do some intervals then swim 1500 m pretty easy.  Today i will swim 1500 meters but break it down into 150mx10 at a fairly high intensity at a  speed I would like to be able to swim by my September race.  I used my polar hr monitor as well as a stop watch on deck to monitor each set.  All went well for the first 6 and then the pool got a bit crowded and had to set up a circle pattern.  All I can say was good about this is that I'm improving to the point where when I swim with a group I find myself on their heels and have to pass.  So although the situation is a bit annoying it still puts a smile on my face.  This was my first extensive endurance interval and I found it very effective and a good use of time.  Will try again next week and see how I progress.

When I got home I had  recieved my order from the swim outlet.  Good stuff.  Two new bathing suits, a super small absorbant towel for when I run to the pool  with a compact towel, a  forearm fulcrum and a tempo trainer.  More on those two  training tools when I start using them.