Another beautiful day.  After finishing with my personal training clients I spent 30 minutes weight training back at high volume, low reps.  About 6 exercises. Left John street and headed down to battery park and up the Hudson river parkway.  I have not had a chance to do a nice flat long run since winter when I was training for the Rome marathon and it was so pleasant outside.  About 72 degrees and a nice breeze coming off the river.

Spent the first hour running at an easy long distance pace of about 9mm and then turned around to run 45 minutes at Tempo.  I took a gel at the hour mark and re-filled my water bottle.  During the tempo portion my HR was at about 88% max and average pace was  8mm.  The plan was to combine a long run with a tempo run reaching a pace of about 30s per minute slower than my 10k pace.

I only have two more weeks before the NYC Triathlon and this was a good combination for this weeks hard run workout.  Legs feel great.  I've been running less but focusing my run program on race specific workouts.  My other run this week was only 30 minutes.  A brik following a heavy bike ride.  All is well!  Tomorrow will be a light day of 45 minutes weight training and swimming.  Hope this weather holds out.