My time was limited today so David and i got started early .  We drove over the GW Bridge to ride 9W.  I planned for a 2:45 min ride, about 45 miles.  Was mild and very little wind.  Was really enjoying the ride, turned around and then on the way up a long 4 min climb i heard the unmistakable sound of a tire going flat.  Bummer. I'v actually never changed a flat out on a ride.  For some reason I've always been near home and gould change my tube in the comfort of my home.  I had everything i needed including a CO2 cartridge which i've never used before.  Had a terrible time changing the tube.  First it was twisted because i didn't put enouth air in it to start out.  Then the co2 cartridge didn't work.  When i finally finished i had a little bulge in the tire.  Prayed i would get home.  Taking bike to shop in a few days anyway and if need be, will have them change it for me.  Give me a little lesson.

Good thing i had water and food on me.  Was frustrated so having a Pure bar to eat was helpful.  The other thing that was nice is about half of the riders on the road asked if i needed any help.  Good to know it's available if you need it.  Interesting that i saw no women during this time.