Feeling ready today for a swim.  I find i have to put a swim on my calendar for Mondays or else I don't get in three sessions and although it's a bit cool today it is sunny.  I'm feeling recovered because I only did some light wweight training on Suday, so this thould be a good day.  Drove to the pool, easy parking,   Red Hook is the he only neighborhood I ever go to where parking is not a problem. Today I start with drills, single arm, catch up, and long strokes for 20 minutes.  Followed by full effort 4x 80 meter with 30 second recovery.  Stroke length was pretty good, about 50 and times were between 1:41 and 1:46.  Hr was in Z5 as planned.  the main set was 1500m with the tempo trainer set at 1 second stroke rate and 50-54 strokes per length.  The stroke felt faster than usual but using the tempo trainer gets you into a zone that is still new to me.  My HR was in zone 3 as planned and final time indicated a 37:32 min per mile which is a little better than what I was swimming without the tempo trainer.

Will keep experimenting with using the trainer to find a pace a bit slower that will allow for a longer, easier stroke.  I did feel  a bit rushed during this set although not tired at the end.

Earlier in the morning I did 45 minutes of weight training.  3 back movements, 2 chest and 2 legs.  Straight sets 8-12 reps.