I almost never swim two days in a row, and today i was wisinging i could go for a run instead, but since the weather is holding up nd my closest pool is outdoors, I'll stick with my plan and go to the pool.  Since yesterday was really light,  and i'm feelng like a run I jogged 15 minutes to the pool and again home. The pool was not crouded today, probably because it's only about 78 degrees outside.  I started with 23 minutes of warming up, focusing on long stokes and varied breathing between 2 and 3 strokes.  Then i started my main set which was supposed to be 10 short cruise intervals of 160 meters in HR zone 4-5a.  My goal was to complete them in 3:30 sec and take a 30 second rest inbetween.  I set my tempo trainer at .50 seconds per stroke.  I only completed 5of these because after only 3 sets i felt like i was struggling, my stroke was getting shorter and swimming should not be a struggle.  So I continued the set but at a much slower pace and stoker rate hoping to get the length back into my stroke.  Each set I increased the stroke rate a bit and was feeling more easy in the water, but not very long or fast.  Really disappointed that the speed workouts are not working for me.

The results were that during the so called hard set I swam about 36:53 per mile at best and yesterday i swam a full 1500m set with longer strokes per lap at a 37:32 min mile pace.  I'll keep playing with workouts, but getting discouraged that the speed workouts are not helping my long swims, and just swimming long all the time is not the answer either.

Also did 45 minutes combined of shouder physical therapy, shoulder strength super sets and abdominal work earlier in the day.  Noticing that when I do shoulder work on swim days I'm not as effective in the pool.  Will keep that in mind for next week.