It's fairly cool out today and since i want to take it easy i set up my indoor trainer outdoors.  I think it's essential to get some sun everyday.  Why train indoors when you can take it outside, right? Worked for an hour at a heart rate of an easy long ride.  Kept the resistance low and cadence high aroung 75-90.  I'm feeling great. Later today i will print out my race packing list and write down my goals.  Tomorrow afternoon my client will pick me up in his car and we will take all our grear to the expo and then set up our bikes after orientation and packet pick up.  This is the first race that i've done previously, so most of the unexpected is out of the way.  Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather and Sunday clear and cool 72 degrees at race start but rain in the afternoon.  Much better than the humid 85 or so we had last year.