Today is perect for the pool.  It's one of these muggy hot NYC days where getting into the pool will be a pleasure.  I'm swimming intervals today without the tempo trainer.  The total distance will be 1600 meters and the intervals under 4 minutes wtih 15% recovery.  I warmed up for 18 minutes.  Then did the work set which was 10 sets of 2 laps each.  The best set was 3:41 and the worst was 3:57, averaging 3:51.  My HR was around 142 average and strokes were 53-58 per length.  Althoug i felt fine with all of this when i got home and entered my data at my trifuel log site i saw my speed was only 39:13 min/mile.  Really terrible considering the effort level. I finished the last 15 minutes focusing on long strokes and good form.  but still was swimming about 48 strokes per length and again that's terrible.  Don't know what to think of this.  Hope to get in the pool again Thursday and then an open water swim on the weekend.