My last long run was just three days ago in Chicago but I don't feel that is an issue.  My running base is consistant and I want to put in my long runs mid week so i'm ready for the much longer bike rides on the weekend.  Today it's really humid and in the upper 80s.  I had clients on John street in the morning and had time for some weight training.  I have not gone very heavy in awhile so focused on back and shoulders for 6-8 reps, 3-4 sets, 3 exercises each.  Was surprised at how good it felt, except my right shoulder in the transverse plane.  That's the shoulder that was scrapped badly from my fall last week.  All the saggital and frontal plane work felt strong, but the reverse fly on the cable I had to stop.  Will see how that feels next week. For my run i headed out from John street, through battery park and up the west side.  Passed the heliport and the area where the plane and helicopter collided on Saturday.  drinking lots of water.  I think by the end i drank 70oz of water over just 2 hours.  At the same time i noticed that only about 20% of people cycling and running were carrying water.   Because of my injury I focused on heart rate and not pace.   Kept my heart rate average around 161.  I turned around at the kayak rental area and was relieved to not have to run against the wind any longer.  Once back to battery park spend 15 minutes at 170bpm.  This is normally my marathon race pace, but not today.

I lost the data on my HR monitor but know i ran 13.5 or more miles over 2hrs and 10 min.  Pace was 9:38 or so, about 25 seconds slower per mile than would plan for a long run.  Partially due to humidity, but also not recovered from injury.  My right quad doesn't hurt any longer but the range of motion is still limited.