I have not done a brick workout since prior to the NYC traithlon.  I want to do two before my next race and like to separate them by a week.  Although i'm still bruised from my fall I'm going to have a go at it, and take it a little easier than if I was 100%. The bike goal was to ride the loop of Prospect Park at 132-152bpm.  Focusing on the higher end of that range but make sure i'm not working my legs so hard that the 1:15 min run to follow leaves me feeling wrecked.  The ride mostly up hill to the park is the 15 minute warm up and then I completed 5 loops.  Everything feels good, and no headache this time.  I worked the last two loops a bit harder and finished those under 12 minutes.  The bad part about these bricks is i never get to switch to the run off a hard effort on the bike because the 10 minute ride home is almost all down hill.  My only other reasonable option is to use the trainer. During the ride i consumed water with Want More Energy, no additional solid food.  I did have a IsaLean Shake about 30 minutes prior to the ride and added banana and flax meal for extra calories.

I took about 10 minutes to transition because i had to go to the bathroom.  Not ideal, but for today i'm not worried about it.  I ran to the promenade in the heights, then a couple laps around cadman plaza park, then over the brooklyn bridge and back.  I wanted to run 1:15 minutes with the intention of running straight home after coming off the bridge.  I didn't time it quite right and ended up cutting the run short by 10  minutes.

My HR goal was just below threshold at 163-169bpm, which would be about right for the 13.1 miles for the half ironman.  I jept this HR for the 7.3 miles but could not have maintained it for another 50 minutes needed for the half iron.  Still think that this is a good HR goal, just need less humidity which should be no problem in October.

Drank another shake when i got home.  I burned abotu 1000 calories and replaced maybe 400 of them with the IsaLean shake, coconut water, IsaFruits, and IsaCal.