So i'm running three days in a row.  not ideal and i don't have any more runs scheduled for the week.  I wanted to do hill repeats tomorrow and Swim today but the weather is not cooperating.   It's actually a rather nice day for running.  The first in awhile.  Only about 70 degrees and it's misting. Between clients this morning i did a half hour set of upper body weight training.  Shouders and back only.  BB OHP, Supinated lat pull down, DB CG military press single arm, Seated wg row, bilateral cable shoulder extension, and DB reverse fly.  All in rep range of 6-8 and all 4 sets.  This is the second day this week i've gone heavy and it feels really good.  My right shoulder was much better today.

Around noon i went for my run.  My basic one hour run with a few minutes attached.  I wanted to run easy since both Tuesday and Wednesday were hard days.  Ran over the Brooklyn Bridge and down to west street so at least i would have some hills to run.  Everythig feels good and the weather is definately a factor.  I ran 7 miles in 1:05.  Av pace 9:17 and av hr 156.  Right on target.