After clients I did my lat 30 min of wt training for the week.  Have done nothing for my legs since before the NYC tri and my quad is feeling much better.  Did a TRX circuit of upper and lower body movements.  Only 1-2 sets each but focused on all legs, then chest then back and delts.  Felt easy. It's a beautiful sunny day and was able to get to the outdoor pool in the afternoon and catch some rays. I ran to the pool, very slow jog and stretched my upper body before changing.  Did a nice slow warm up for 15 min followed by 8 lengths at maximal exertion.  Each was about 45 seconds with 30 seconds rest, hr was around 144.  After eight of these i set my tempo trainer on slow and swam long and easy until i was able to keep a fairly long stroke but at a faster rate.  Found 1.10 seconds to be a good place for my long set.

I rested about 2 minutes then started the 1.2 mile set of 24 laps.  Stroke per length was very consistant at 48 in one direction and 52 in the other.  About half way through the set my body relaxed more, but did not gain or loose any of  the stroke length, just felt more at ease.  Av hr was 133 and took 47:45 which is 39:47 min per mile.   My goal for the end of season is 36:00 min/mile.  I have a way to go.  Just need to be consistant with 3 days a week, minimum of 1:15min  each sesion.

The next time i do a long set i want to warm up briefly and then jump into the set.  Think spending 30 min prior to my main set may have set me back a little.  Plus think doing the hard/speed etc after the main set might be better for improving power.  Seems like when i do the speed work first it becomes difficult for me to get back to a long relaxed stroke.