Earlier today i got in a short set of weight training.  Just 30 minutes of back and shoulder work.  Back ws heavy 4 sets of 8 for 3 exercises and shoulder was three exercises but 3x12 reps. I warmed up with long slow strokes for 8 minutes.  In the beginning i had a lane to myself but that changed about 30 minutes into the workout when people just started jumping into the lane without any plans.  This really annoys me, but we all figured out how to do a circle and it goes pretty well.  the pool is packed and the water is much more turbulant than ususal.

After the warm up i did 6 x 5 laps with a 1:20 second recovery.  I started with 1.20 sec stroke rate and the last set was .95 sec stroke rate.  My goal was to work up to HR of 140bpm by time i got to the last 2-3 sets.

1st int 1.20 sec stroke rate 48/50 strokes per length HR 132 and time 10:50 min,  2nd int 1:15; 52/53  133hr 10:41.  3rd int 1:10  55/56  130hr 11:03; 4th int 1:05  58/60  130  11:01; 5th int 1:00  65 125 11:33; .95sec  65  128hr 11:32.  Best was at 1.15 rate and speed was 43.25 min/mile. totals were 2376meters / 1.47 miles  (a bit longer than usual, but there were 5 rest periods)  over 1:06:40 which is an average of 45:09 min/mile.  Pretty lousy again.

Interesting that my HR did not get that high.  It was much later in the day than i usually work out and the water was really warm.  There was a lot of turbulance and sometimes interference because i was working in a circle.  Would do this again starting at 1:15.  also even in warm up i was only getting 44-48 strokes per length.  So not sure why my stroke was short today.  partially because i can't focus, have had a bad week and am particularly bummed out today.