It's friday and i'm planning this as a moderate training day.  Yesterday was easy and Saturday i would like to do an open water swim but looks like a big storm is coming.  My calendar only allows for an hour ride and it's pointless riding outside for such a short time so i set up the indoor trainer.  Have not done a good indoor workoug in a couple of weeks. This is a great muscular endurance set.  I warmed up only briefly and then got into my sets.  I did 5 sets for 8 minutes working into Zone4 and 5a.  My cadence was between 60-70 trhroughout so it was like climbing long low grade hills.  I stayed at the low end of the HR range.  Set numbers were 141, 153, 155, 154, 155bpm.  Spun lightly for about 5 minutes as a cool down.

This was challenging but not too tough.  Want to keep my legs recovered for the 4 hour bike and 1 hour run planned for Sunday.  May actually move it to Saturday due to the weather forecast.