It's saturday and i'm supposed to do an open water swim but the beaches are closed due to high waves from a hurricane.  Bummer, I only got in 2 or my three swims this week and I really need to keep making progress here.  No way i'm going to have a productive swim at the pool today and it's drizzeling out anyway.  So i set out for my favorite easy run over the brooklyn bridge.   Set my mind on keeping it easy so i'd be fresh for my brick workout tomorrow.   I ran about an hour, covered 6.8 miles and my pace was easy at 9:25mm. Later that afternoon i got a fantastic massage followed by a manicure and pedicure.  We went to Element in our neighborhood.  Had not been there before but a client recommended it and they were able to accept an appointment for a couple's massage with very little warning.  Perfect for a dreary Saturday and made up for not being able to swim today.  David treated us to massages and then i treated us to manacures and pedicures.  Laid low that night.  Cooked dinner and went to bed early so i can get up at 6:30am for my long bike tomorrow.

Notice that just because i describe it as a recovery day doesn't mean i took the day off.  There are ways to train safely, without taking days off every week and tomorrow's training will prove my point.