I really want to get in a nice easy long swim, a little more effort than a recovery swim but yesterday was a really hard day and tomorrow will be a long bike so don't want to expect too much. I started with a great warm up.  My stroke length was nice and long, 44-46 strokes per length.  Then I spent 15 minutes or so doing laps at increased efforst.  I started at 1.2 sec per stroke and ended with .95 seconds per stroke.  I gagued my stroke length and lap times at the various stroke rates and throught 1.1 sec felt like a good place to do a long swiwm.

I set my tempo trainer at 1.1 and did 1.2 miles. My strokes were farily consistant between 48 and 52 per length and what surprised me even more was that the laps i swam breathing to the right felt just as good as the ones to the left.  It went really well for the first half then noticed i wasn't pulling as much.  In the end i swam a 39  min mile which is not great, but the best ive done all month on a long swim.  I enjoyed the swim so much that i spent an extra 10 minutes cooling down.  Did breaths every 3 strokes and was swimming longer again at 44-46 per length.  In total i swam an hour and a half and it truely didn't feel that long.