Since i'm done with clients early on Friday's I like to enjoy my late mornings with training.  These next few day's just are not exciting me though.  Rain and storms are coming through and i planned three pool sessions and one open water swim for the week.  I figured one of them would get cancelled due to weather, but this week it looks like i may actually only get in one good swim.  It's about 65 degrees out and raining and i just cant force myself to go to the outdoor pool which is my only option due to time.  Tomorrow AM we are expecting thunderstorms so my open water swim is out.  Going to set my head straight and at least get in a great run today. Two weeks ago i did a hill session on the steep side of the Brooklyn Bridge and today i'll take the easier side.  The temperature is fantastic and it's drizzeling out.  After a 15 farily flat warm up I left my bottle at the bottom of the hill so could run with proper balance and avoid any undue stress on my shoulders.  I did 8-60 second sprints up, jogged down and rested a few more seconds for a 2 minute rest total.  The first 4 felt easy, strangely easy, so i picked up the pace for the last 8.  I was able to reach an appropriate interval HR between 172 and 179bpm.    Best pace was 7:50mm and none were below 8.2mm.

I did not eat before the run so had an Isalean shake with a few chunks of frozen banana immediately following.  I'm still contemplating the pool but just can't do it.  Instead i head to the gym in the basement and work on the TRX sustem.  Focusing on rear delts and external rotators.  Had put a new program together for a client and went over some of the movements that were new to me.  Did this for 40 minutes then spent a good 15 on TRX abs exercises that were new to me as well.  Watched a TRX abs video last night and wanted to try some that i was unfamiliar with.  Really effective, short session.  Lots of helpful exercises for swimming in particular.

Today was supposed to be a moderate day and it felt way too easy.  Tomorrow will be easy,  i'll probably get up at 5am and drive to Riverbank for the 6:30-8:30am open lap swim.  Have no idea how crowded it will be but hoping the lanes will be set at 50 meters.  If for some reason i can't rally to get up i will use the bike trainer indoors for a light ride.  Sunday will be hard because i'll ride the 1/2 iron bike course and looks like weather may be ok for that.