Since i'm approaching my next race i need to cut down on the running volume and focus a bit more on some longer bike rides.  Today i'm running 12 miles, really flat but 8 of them at anaerobic threshold.  This is the HR that i should be able to maintain for the run portion of the half iron and will be a good indicator of the pace i should plan to race at for the 13.2 miles.  Going to go out to the park where the race will be held this weekend and that will help me decide what i should be planning to for the next few weeks of biking and running. Between clients i put in 30 minutes of weight training.  Decided to go heavy again today.  Started with push ups, which i want to keep focusing on for chest strength until my shoulder stops showing signs of strain when I bench press.  I did three exercises in a row for back.  Seated NG row, WG asst pull up and cable reverse fly.  All at 3x8.  Followed this with SA DB military press and SA DB lateral raises again 3x8-10.  Did an extra set of each with my left shoulder.  Still lacking in strenth by about 15% and it's been 10 months since i started PT on it.  That's a bit discouraging.  Had my chocolate isalean pudding with added flax meal and a bananna after the workout.  Had two more clients then headed out for my run.

This run is going to be flat.  Ran from John street, into battery park city and up the west side just past the Intrepid museum.  Started with an easy 2 mile warm up then gradually picked up the pace for the next mile.  I'e planned to run 8 miles of the 12 mile long run at anearobic threshold HR because this is the HR i plan to race at for the half iron 13.2 mile run.  The wind was against me for the first part and my pace was a bit slower than i had expected.  At my turn around  I had a gel and refilled my camel back with water and continued with the wind.  Feeling great today.  The temperature is in the mid 70's and it's partly cloudy.  Was able to pick up the pace by about 30s on the return.  After 8 miles at about 90% max HR and 8:20mm average pace i slowed for the last 2 miles and cooled down with a little walking too.

Really pleased with this run.  I am hoping to run the half iron at 8:30mm pace but have to see what the terrain looks like this weekend.