I slept only 5 hours last night, not my usual 7.  Celebrated David's birthday at a show and sweated my ass off.  Today i'm wanting to take a nap, and not train, but it's pool day.  That's all i have to do.  Feeling fine from the long bike ride just not interested in training or anything really. I have only another week of the outdoor pool then will have to got to a less convenient option so i'm taking action.  I ran to the pool which made me feel better.  Got in a good warm up and was feeling pretty good.  Pool isn't too busy.

Planned for a set of 7x5 laps at 1sec stroke rate with a 1:20 rest between sets.  During the fist set we were all forced out of the pool.  Public pools are bullshit.  I don't know how people actually train in these environments.  Some child shit in the pool.  They have serious restrictions on cell phones, additional clothig, any personal property on the pool deck yet some under aged shit head is allowed to ruin my swim.  They always want me to shake my towel out, like what are you looking for?  Thanks Red Hook.