I woke up feeling pretty energized and looking forward to seeing clients, one of which has been away for about 10 days.  At 8am i had an hour break so went off again to have my breakfast.  I packed my usual chocolate shake combo in a tupperwear and this time with cocoa nubs again plus some dried cranberries.  For some reason I didn't think that was enough and indulged in a poppy seed muffin as well.  I like geting out of the gym for a break but need to find a little something extra to add to my breakfast that isn't so "baked". Around 11:30 I went for my run.  My energy is OK, not as good as yesterday.  Today is an easy 5 mile run up the east side.  Have not run this route in a long time, very flat and as i remembered it the air quality is worse then on west side.  I think the air quality is worse here because there tends to be lesss wind on the East river compared to the Hudson.  But wasn't too bothered by it becaus it's a beautiful sunny day, about 60 degrees out and although the run felt fine was anxious to get on with my day and not focusing on the run, but hey it's just an easy run.  Heart rate stayed pretty low at 150bpm throught much of the run.  Did a short warm up then did a main set of 4.45 miles at 8:42 pace (goal was 9:00) and AV hr 152.  Found it annoying that GPS was lost while i was running underneith the FDR.  Had to run on the sidewalk on the other side of the road instead of along the river to get a connection.

I had a good afternoon working on the computer and on a training call for awhile.  Had another shake at 2:00.  Was hungry at that point, but energy was still good.  Had to leave for a bit while our realator showed the apartment and then went down to the gym in my building for a quick workout.  Im not ffeling motivated at all to do weights and figure an energy boost would help so had 2 Isa Delight Chocolates and two glasses of water.  The weight training session was not too energetic.  My mind is on all the work I didn't get done today and on getting on with dinner as David will be home tonight.  Short workout in basement was rushed to start dinner.  For 30 minutes I  did  back and shoulders in supersets.  3 exercises each and 1 extra for shoulders.  Rep range was 12-15 and light intensity.  No time for yoga today, so will put more focus on that tomorrow.

For dinner we had some leftovers but I added some wild rice.  It was chicken and asparagus in a creamy sauce topped with a little gryuere.   I get so bored with chicken, but this one is saucy yet still very low in calories.  Total calories was probably around 500 including the rice, low in fat, moderate carbs and high in protein.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of picking up dessert again, so looks like I'm committed to eating a pumpkn spice cake with David this evening.