My day started at 5 am and didn't feel hungry at all until around 8:00 but i was with a client so had an isadelight chocolate to hold me over.  Didn't sleep too well last night again because of the construction lights outside, but basically got 7 hours of sleep.  My body feels tight today, i didn't stretch after my run yesterday nor did I do any yoga and i'm feeling particularly tight in my hips today. After clients I had half a shake around 9:30 and waited a half hour before the run.  Another nice crisp, sunny day and i'm going over the brooklyn bridge, around city hall park, back to brooklyn and a few laps around Cadman park.   Not feeling as light or upright as i have been on other recent runs, mostly due to the tension is in my hips.  Heart rate was a bit high for the hill portion today.  My goal was to run a bit faster than 9:00.  I warmed up 1 mile to the bridge and the main set was 5.3 miles at 8:44mm and 167ave bpm.  Cool down was an easy jog for 1/2 mie.

I had the other half of my shake around noon, about 45 minutes after the run.  Had some other work to do and my energy, mental clarity and desire to get work done was very high.  Had a productive afternoon and then went to the basement at 3pm to get in an hour workout.  Needed a little treat before my workout.  Had an isadelight and put want more energy in my water bottle for the workout.  Worked lower body and chest in supersets.  Some exercises were strength and some were more stability.  Did 4 exercises for each and kept moving primarily in the rep range of 10-15.  Used the TRX quite a bit and kept it out for a good abs session.  Spent 15 min on abs followed by 15 min yoga.  Think it works best to do my yoga work right after either a weight training session or after cardio.  If I plan to do it later in the evening I tend to run out of time.  Had lunch immediately after the workout at 4:30.  I lined a plate with fresh spinach, topped with a lentil mixture including some fresh asparagys and finally added the smoked trout.  Was not hungry, but this is my main meal for the day and don't want it to be later than 5pm.

I made a soup that I will post.  Had about a cup of that and that was it for the day.  Tomorrow is a light day.  No running, just weights and cycling.