It's NYC marathon weekend and the weather is perfect.  Today is an easy 6 miler over the brooklyn bridge and some weights, abs, and yoga.  Warmed up 1 mile then hit the bridge a little hard.  Noticed on my return that my average pace was faster then the 9:00 I had planned so I slowed it down.  Was nice to see others in team uniforms and small groups running this morning.  My legs feel tight from the weight training yesterday, but other than that all was well.  Av HR was 155, lower than usual for this run, and average speed for the main set was 8:52.  Cooled down 5 min and stretched.  Had my first meal right after, an Isalean shake.For lunch I will have some soup and a 2 egg omelet.

I almost didn't fit this in.  Got cought up in work but was really needing a lift and a short workout did the trick.  Did back and legs yesterday so attacking shoulders and chest today.  Went down to basement and found that the building staff had left the place a mess.  They started painting the gym earlier this week and it's still not completed.  Cranked the air and propped open the doors for circulation. For shoulders worked in a rep range of 10-12 with 60s or less rest.  Did 2 shoulders followed by 1 tricep, 2 more shoulders and 1 more tricep.  Inbetween these exercises I did pushups using a bosu and ended up doing 6 sets of 20.  Left shoulder a bit testy today and still weak.  Finished with 10 minutes of abs then went up to my apartment for some yoga work.  Going out tonight to a marathon pasta dinner to meet new people.  Should be fun!