YEAH, it's NYC marathon morning and the weather is pretty good.  It rained overnight, is overcast and will be in the mid 50's today.  I have a few people i'm tracking, including a client and will be at the 24 mile water table later today to support and cheer people on.Woke up feeling rested and got on my bike about 1.5 hours after waking up.  Purpose of this indoor 1 hour training ride is intervals at a high resistance building strength. I warmed up 15 min then did 4x5min at sub threshold HR on the big chain ring working toward a HR of 153-162 followed by a 4 minute recovery of slightly lower HR but much easier resistance. Results were during work set average HR ranged from 155-159 with 168 the max at one point during the last set.  Cadence ranged between 58 and 63 for an average and felt the resistance was not too difficult.  During the recovery portion my HR average ranged from 139-145 and cagence between 79-81 for an average.  Time went by very quickly.

This was a good workout following a long run from yesterday and i've been feeling like i need to be doing more leg strength sessions.  Would do this again, could work on increasing sets as well as more work interval but keep the recovery interval the same. After taking down my bike i stretched, showered, did a short abs session and some yoga. My meal plan today is an Isalean shake with extra protein in it after my workout.  Won't have time for lunch today so will take some fruit and isadelights into the city with me to fuel up a bit during the marathon.  Hope to catch up with my client for dinner after the race, so really only two meals today.