Last night I got home a bit later than I expected from the Marathon and didn't have dinner until 8pm.  Had a gluten-free personal pizza, a new discovery, and added sauteed vegetables along with a green salad.  Wanted to fast 12 hours overnight so when I awoke at 4:30am I had two ounces of cleanse for life and went about training clients.  At 8:30 I had a break and went out for breakfast.  Had my Isalean shake in pudding form with a banana and I allowed myself the enjoyment of a bagel with light cream cheese.  I think that craving was because of the pizza the night before.  In any case I did consume a lot of calories, but it's best to have these early anyway.  Will put in a weight training session and a 9 mile run shortly after breakfast.Today's weight focus is on legs and shoulders.

Side lying shoulder external rotation 11/2/09 3x10 8# Left still weaker.  12 reps with right
BB squat 11/2 3x10 95# Good but heavy
BB deadlift 11/2 3x8 115# Very heavy, not great ROM
Standing curl bar OHP 11/2 3x10 40# Fairly easy
Seated DB Arnold shoulder 11/2 3


12# Fairly easy
Standing DB lateral raise 11/2 3x10 12# moderate

Following the weight training session I went for a moderate distance 9 mile run, flat, from john street, through battery park and up the west side.  Turn around at 4.5 miles and return.  Goal was a pace of 9:20 and HR av below 160bpm.  Warmed up 1 mile, along the water there was a descent headwind on the way uptown.  Noticed my HR was well below the planned 160bpm so picked up the pace a bit.  Drinking pure water and energy feels great but had to stop for the bathroom at 4 miles before turning around near 14th street.  The main set was 7 miles, av pace 9:02 and HR av 156.  Had this been less flat i'm sure i would have slowed to the planned 9:20 pace, but everything was feeling really good so I went with the faster pace. Didn't eat anything for a while.  Not hungry at all.  Had lunch around 2:30 which was a scoop of iselean soup along with a 2 egg omelette with some leftover sauted veggies from yesterday.  Dinner will be a repeat of Saturday, fish in a predominantly tomato based sauce over sauteed swiss chard and a side of roasted asparagus.  So everything besides that bagel was really healthy and unprocessed.  Lets see if the scale shows a drop in weight tomorrow over the 116 this morning.  Might have dessert though.