Got to sleep in today and awoke with a stiff back.  Aah deadlifts.  Today is one of two days this week that I am not running but I will be doing a short weight training session for chest and back as well as abdominal and yoga. After finishing weighs I had a quick snack on some edemame and then worked with two clients.  When I got home i had a very substantial meal of a mexican, avocado, vegetable salad over greens, some Isalean soup, and a small fresh salmon patty.  For dinner i will have an Isalean shake.  Plan to go to bed early because my first client tomorrow is at 5:30am.

For weights i'm focusing on machines today primarily because I don't want my back to be affected and also because I'm at John street and have access to more equipemnt than I do at home.  Here is what i did over 30 minutes.

ca supine row 3-Nov 3x20 60# warm up 20s rest
BB bench 3-Nov 3x20 45# warm up bar only
Lat pd WG 3-Nov 3x10 75# hard 60x rest
Mach chest press 3-Nov 3x12 70# 20s rest
CG mach row 3-Nov 3x10 95# 20s rest
Asst Dip 3-Nov 3x10 plate 4- 16# 60s rest
Ca rev fly- high/low 3-Nov 3x12 40# 30s rest
Ca chest fly 3-Nov 3x10 65# 30s rest