I call today a moderate day but is actually fairly heavy compared to others since i started the program.  I'll be running 8 miles at a moderate 9mm pace and then getting on my trainer for intervals later in the day. After three morning clients I had time for my training run.  While with a client I ate my Isalean pudding (about 300 calories) and just before the run i had a handful of baby carrots and about 1T of hummus. Running to prospect park today for a moderate distance 8 miler which will be hilly.  Temps are really cool and I found my energy to be great.  Goal was to run the 8 miles at 9:00 pace and HR a bit over 160bpm.  I warmed up for a mile and then started my main set of 6.5 miles on a long hill going up to the park and my pace was quite even at about 9:22.  Once in the park my pace picked up and the run really felt easy.  I noticed the 1/2 mile hill on the way home that usually slows me down quite a bit felt quite easy today. Over the 6.5 main set my ave pace was 8:57 which was right on target and my HR was a bit below target at 159.

I at lunch really late, around 2:30.  I had bought a lentil salad with some apples and dried fruit and had that along with a leftover small fresh salmon patty over mixed greens.  Snacked on some baby carrots before my bike session, but not very hungry today.

I finished most of my work and got on my trainer around 5:30.  I've done this interval session only once before. Starts with a 15 min warm up.  Then 15 minutes of short intervals that look like this:  15s (30s rest) 30s (60s rest) repeat until the 15 minutes are up.  Took a 2 min rest then part 2 is 60s intervals with 90s rest for a total of 20 minutes (8 cycles). This was good for a dual training day.  Light leg work but fairly intense cardiovascularly.  For both the shorter intervals and the longer intervals i worked into my super threshold zone (163-166bpm) which is basically my race HR for shorter distances.  Cadence throughout was between 90-100rpm for the work intervals.  I cooled down for 8 minutes making this a nice one hour session.

Will have dinner around 7:30pm.  Just a serving of Isalean soup with some extra good stuff like a little leftover turkey sausage, fresh basil and scallions.  Feeling really satisfied today.  Very busy and no time to think about being hungry.