In the morning I had time for a leg and shoulder workout.  Got in a descent warm up and did 2 for legs and 4 for shoulders.  Had not done step ups in a long while and used a medium platform that required a large step up.  Had difficulty getting full extension from my hip and needed assistance from my other leg to extend fully.  Left side was harder than the right.

warm up of front and lateral lunges with MB spinal extension and rotation
BB SQUAT 5-Nov 3X12 95# increased reps over Monday
scaption 5-Nov 3x12 8# 30s rest
curl bar OHP standing 5-Nov 2x12 1x10 40# increased reps over Monday
BB STEP UP 5-Nov 3X8 45# BB left harder.  Poor extension of hip. used Med platform
Mach CG OHP 5-Nov 3x10 40#
DB lat raise alternating 5-Nov 2x10 1x12 15# increased weight over Monday.  30s rest

Had my isalean pudding right after the workout and then had two clients.

After my clients I went for a run.  Really nice sunny day, a bit brisk but gorgeous, perfect for a marathon.  Planned to run 7 miles at 9:00 and HR below 160 average.  This is an easy run and it felt too easy and was enjoying the weather so I picked up the pace.  Was thinking about the blog my client wrote about her Marathon experience on Sunday and was just getting into my run.  Even though I just trained legs I feel really good and decided to have some fun with short spurts of faster pace as well as one big long hill up Chambers street.  I hit all the lights just right, don't think that's ever happened before.  The main set was for 6 miles and my average pace was 8:02 and HR ave only 153.  Wonder why this is feeling so easy today.  Yesterday was a fairly hard day yet this run was a breeze. The rest of my day is pretty low key.  Had lunch with a friend and ate at a Mediterranean place.  Had vegetable kebobs over rice with a tiny amount of babaganosh and a piece of pita.  Lots of water.  Really thirsty for the rest of the day.  For dinner I’m just planning on a shake since lunch was so late and i don't feel like eating what's left in the refrigerator.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping day!