After early morning clients I set out for my easy run.  Tomorrow is my long run, so really will take it easy.  Going over the brooklyn bridge and back for 6 miles, goal is 9:00 pace and HR ave 155.It's chilly, windy and sunny.  Got over the bridge and got trapped in the chaos of the Yankees parade that was set up to run down Broadway.  Streets were closed off and sidewalks packed with people whom I won't comment on.  I just don't get it!  Who takes off work to celebrate a world series win?  Added some length onto my run back in Brooklyn in Cadman park.  I really did take this run easy, my glutes are sore from yesterday's step ups.  Average pace was 8:50 and average HR was 154.

The gym in my building is now freshly painted and I have some ideas for moving things around.  Went downstairs, spent 45 minutes moving equipment and then warmed up for my workout. Started with some band work for my shoulder and scapular area.  Because I had a new playground to work in i just moved around a lot and worked lots of different equipment.  I had watched a video last night with a nice short workout specific to triathlon and started with that.  Have not done any power work in ages and did do some body weight leg power work (jumps with a platform), shoulder power with cables and kettle bells.  Also included some TRX body weight resistance training and a lot of work in the transverse plane.  Didn't put much thought into the session, just moved from exercise to exercise focusing primarily on back and shoulders with some leg power and stabilization.  Very little chest work and a lot of core work.  Session time was 40 minutes for weights and abs combined.  Most exercises were at a light or very light weight and reps between 12 and 20.. Finished the session with 15 minutes of yoga.  That felt really good.  Think tomorrow is going to be a great run. Nutrition for the day has been really good so far.  Before my run i had half (1 scoop protein) of an isalean shake and added want more energy for electrolytes.  Had a full Isalean chocolate shake with flax meal and an antioxidant boost of Isagenix greens along with 3 chunks of a frozen banana about and hour after my run.  Had lunch around 3:30 which was just one scoop of the isalean chicken soup with some fresh basil and half of a vegetarian chorizo sausage.  I bought the sausage today at Fairway, wanted something new to spice up my soups and eggs.  Will have dinner with David around 7 tonight.  It's date night and I'm craving fall root vegetables and meat.  Pork would be good.  Regardless of what I eat, it will be all whole foods,  and will fuel up for tomorrow's run with a solid combination of carbs protein and little fat.