The plan this week is similar to last week.  Monday legs and shoulders, Tuesday back and chest, Thursday modified as a total body workout, and weekend power and functional training. Monday- Good 35 minute session at John street.  Worked legs and shoulders.  Even though my shoulder was sore yesterday from swimming it feels pretty good today and i went heavier with 4 different exercises.  Did 3 for legs.

warm up - trx overhead squats and lateral lunges for 3 minutes.
BB SQUAT 9-Nov 3x12 95# not feeling heavy.  up the wt next time
arnold shoulder 9-Nov 3x10 20# used legs a bit, 15# was too light.
BB DEADLIFT 9-Nov 3X12 95# good weight.  Increase to #110
CURL OHP SEATED 9-Nov 3x10 40# curl plus 20.  next go standing and more wt
LEG EXTENSIONS 9-Nov 3x10 70# have not done in ages.  keep in program
DB LAT RAISE 9-Nov 2X10  1X12 15# increase reps
DB should flexion 9-Nov 3x12 10# good and easy

Tuesday- Back and Chest at John street in the AM for 30  minutes.  My off running day but doing a short set between clients.  Improved over last week in either weight, reps or shorter rest period for most exercises.  Left shoulder feels limited in lat pull down.

ca supinate row 10-Nov 3x20 70 warm up 20s rest
ca chest press 10-Nov 3x15-20 50 warm up
Lat pd WG 10-Nov 3x10 75# hard 60s rest- no change
Mach chest press 10-Nov 15,15,10 75# 5# heavie and 30 s rest
CG mach row 10-Nov 3x10 100# 30s rest 5# heavier and a little more rest
Asst Dip 10-Nov 3x12 plate 4- 16# 60s rest increased reps by 2
Ca rev fly- high/low 10-Nov 3x15 40# 30s rest. increased reps by 3
Ca chest fly 10-Nov 3x12 70 30s rest hard increased wt by 5 and reps by 2

Thursday- After running an hour and biking an hour I went down to the gym in my building.  Wanted a heavier workout but my gym doesn't allow that for lower body and today i want to hit legs and shoulders.  Will do some lower body endurance sets and swim specific shoulder exercies.

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no warm up. spent the last 2 hrs running and biking. 30 min total and stretching at end. all were done as super sets except KB squats
KETTLE BELL (KB) front squat 19-Nov 3x20 40# total harder than I expected. 30s rest
SS WALL TOWEL PULL 19-Nov 3x20 scapular depression range of motion.  good new exercise
SS BB STEP UP 19-Nov 3x15 50# used the box
SS DB SCA[PTION 19-Nov 3X12 10# increase in wt and rest
SS CABLE  EXT- BILAT- stagger stance 19-Nov 3x10 25#

Friday/sat or sunday.