Got up had a shake right away and waited 30 minutes to go for a run.  Going to Prostpect Park for 13 miler.  Warmed up 1 mile then continued to 6.5 and turned around.   I had a gel at that point and have been drinking want more energy from my pack.  The park is beautiful, the colors are always late in the city and I'm enjoying watching people and dogs have fun.  This run is feeling really easy, in general the easiest long run to date.  I'm mostly monitoring my HR instead of my pace.  It never got above 165bpm and my pace was above my 9:20 goal by 10sec per mile.  Average HR for 11.5 miles was 148bpm and pace was 9:09.  Last week I ran the same pace on a more flat course and my HR average was 159 average.No other training activities for today.  Had a meeting to learn about Team in Training and had to rush to it after the run so had an apple.  The TNT meeting was really informative.  I'm interested in coaching groups and think TNT would be a good place to start.  Don't know whether they need running or tri coaches right now but am exploring the possibilities.  Also spoke to two people there who ran Paris last year and I think this is going to be a really fast course.  There is some cobblestone, but in patches, unlike the miserable end of Rome.

For lunch I indulged and had a pumpernickel bagel with tofu cream cheese topped with tomato and 1 fried egg for each half.  It was so satisfying.  Munched on some granola mid day and had dinner which was a crock pot meal of beef and lots of vegetables.  Only about 400 calories per serving.  I had made a dessert which was a parfait of layers of pumpkin pie filling, plain yogurt and roasted oats and pumpkin seeds.  Very satisfying, low in sugar and about 300 calories.  Even so, I had too many carbohydrates and calories today.  Tomorrow is a light day of just swimming, so over did it a bit.