I'm about 10 days away from vacation and would like to loose a couple of pounds so i can leave town without guilt next Thursday.  So on Monday weighed in at 118 (115 is my ideal weight).  Need to pay close attention to unnecessary processed foods.  Simple as that. Monday- Combined cleanse for life, isa fruits and want more energy in my morning watter bottle.  First client was at 5:30 and drank this combo throughout the early moring.  I had a isdelight chocolate to keep me going around 7.  I finished my 2nd client at 8:15 and sat down for my morning shake in pudding form along with a banana.  Just before my run at noon I had another isadelight chocolate which helped get me started in the run but could have used another one half way through.   After showering i had some edemame as i commuted back home.  As soon as possible, which was 3:30 i had lunch which was one scoop of isalean soup and about a cup of the beef vegebtable stew I made over the weekend (about 400 calories).  Am going out to dinner tonight with a friend and hope to eat by 8pm.  We ate at a Greek restaurant.  A large appetiser platter of really tasty spreads and pita.  Ate lots of spread and not too much pita.  Then there was a bean dish, then there were the entrees.  Lets just say that i ddn't eat everything.  My fish dish was really well prepared with tomatoes and a little butter.  I split that with David who had prok tenderloin and potatoes.  The side dish of mixed veetables was honestly the best veg side dish I've had.  A great mix of sauteed greens, root vegs, all cooked to perfection.  Kinda wish i just ordered two of that and skipped everything else.  Also had about 4 glases of wne throughout the evening.

Tuesday- a light traiing day.  Weights only and my schedule really allows for 2 meals finishing by 7pm so can get in a naturala fast during the night.  I started with 2 ounces of cleanse when i left home at 7am.  Had a isadelight before my workout (50cal) and then had breakfast with a friend at 11:30.  A omelette with salmon, some potatoes and whole wheat toast.  Had edemame as a snack around 5 and dinner was a scoop of isalean soup with beef and veg stew around 7:30.  Was craving chocolate before bed and had about 1/2 cup of soy ice cream along with 1 scoop of isalean chocolate shake.

Wednesday- Did not eat anything when i woke up.  Have short list of clients today and just had a chocolate to get me through until 8:30.  Made a shake with just one scoop or protein, had a handfull of raw pumpkin seeds and set our for my run with want more energy in my water pack.  Lunch is out with a friend arount 2pm and had a salad at Chipotle's.  Greens, beans, corn, salsa, no dressing.  Very satisfying.   Around 6 I had some edemame and Dinner with David at 8pm.  We had leftovers of a vegetarian curry dish over quinoa.  Big serving but only about 500 calories.  We had dessert which was a parfait of pumpkin, oatmeal, and yogurt.  Will keep this one on my dessert menu for next week.  Really like it and only about 300 calories, low sugar.  Better option than icecream or my favorite which is baked goods.

Thursday- Got a late start today and just had some cleanse for life in the morning.  Had a piece of isadelight chocolate before my easy run,  then a shake of one scoop isalean with some pumpkin purree before i finished my training with cycling one hour on the indoor trainer and weights.  Had my first real meal at 1:30.  I full serving of my beef and veg stew and a scoop of isalean soup.   I combined the two to make a nice big bowl of soup and had a slice of flax seed bread.  Also had a small bowl of plain fat free organic yogurt with a little agave nectar.   (about 600 cal).  I leave at 5pm for a meeting in the city and had an chocolate isalean shake   (325cal). Wanted more chocolate when i got home so had small scppos of the chocolate isalean, mashed banana, and some coconut milk.

Friday- I had early clients today and didn't eat until I was finished with them.  This worked well because I wanted to fast 12 hours overnight.  First meal was at 10am.  I prepared my isalean shake mix and added greens and ionix supreme along with an extra scoop of Pro protein.  Divided that into two servings and had half at 10 and the other half at 1.  Will have another shake around 4 which will be vanilla isalean, coconut milk and pumpkin puree.  Going out to dinner tonight around 7:30 for thai food and will allow myself some carbs.  Pad thai maybe.  Tomorrow is my long run and will be first thing in the morning so a carb dense meal would be fine but will be sure to also have vegetables.

Saturday- I had a fairly large dinner last night.  Thai food and David and I shared our dishes.  I had noodles, rice, chicken, seafood, vegetables.  Around midnight David and i shared a really good dessert.  It was cheesecake layered with chocolate mouse.  This morning I had a cup of coffee (to help me eliminate) and a isalean vanilla shake with some pumpkin puree and a dollop of plain yogurt.  Stomach felt great on the run.  Port workout I had half a bagel with tofu cream cheese.  About 3 hours later I had another shake, this one chocolate.  We went out for dinner again with a friend.  David and I shared again.  We all shared the pumpkin ravioli (about 2 ravioli's per person), a cheeseburger and my dish wa the best which was red snapper over risotto and sautéed greens.  Again we had dessert before bed.  No dessert tomorrow!

Sunday- today's training is to go to the pool and get in a run, all in the AM.  Had a isalean chocolate shake in pudding form on my commute to the pool. I smacked  an apple, about 1oz of cheese and about 1/4 cup pumpking seeds during the 2 hours between my swim and my run.  About 2 hours following the run I had 1/2 a bagel with tofu cream cheese (left over from yesterday) and a bowl of isalean soup.  Dinner is really light.  The recipe calls for spaghetti but i'm making spaghetti squash and topping it with mushrooms, scallion and escarole  I bet this is all under 300 cal.  So all my meals were small today.  Did have dessert though.  It was a parfait of pumpkin puree, yogurt and crunchy oatmeal.  Should add this to my recipes.  Really good and satisfying for this time of year.  Uses natural sweeteners and is a good diversion from my usual decadent chocolate desserts.