I'm down only 1 pound from last week.  Problem is i've been snacking too frequently and eating too close to bedtime either desserts or additional shakes.  This week I cooked one meal with leftovers to last until vacation on Thursday.  Plan on cleansiing during most of the travel as it's going to take about a whole day to get to Fiji and i dispise dealing with food while flying. Monday- Had a chcolate Isalean shake around 9 am before my 10  mile run.  Had a chocolate and want more energy around 12:30 to get me through a 45 in weight training session.  Had my second shake at 2pm.  this one was 1/2 isalean and 1/2 pro, so less carbs and more protein, along with isacalcium and isafruits for antioxidants.  Having dinner at 6:30 at a Thai restaurant with a client and hope that's it for the day.

Tuesday- Started early today with two ounces of cleanse for life.  Had a client then put in a short weight training session.  Had my chcolate isalean pudding with a banana around 8:30.  Ran around 10 and had a hard boiled egg shortly after.  Had my second shake, a low carb version around 1pm.  Ended up in a health food store around 3:30 and had an odwalla bar.  Dinner was all vegetarian meal of spaghetti squash and veggies around 6:30.  Had a little yogurt with agave nectar and dried fruit around 9:30.  Feel good today except for sore low back.  Tomorrow is last day to eat my regular meals, then i'm off for vacation.