Here's a great tip to get your day started right.  Have trouble getting up in the AM and hitting the gym or the road (meaning with sneakers on)?  It all starts with preparing the night before. Ideally your goal should be to go to sleep between 10 and 12pm and wake up feeling fully rested.  Set yourself up for success by planning on winding-down in the evening.   An hour before you need to go to sleep, set an alarm (use your phone, kitchen timer etc.) as a way to put yourself on your pre-sleep "wind-down" plan.  During this time, you will avoid stimulating activities, including surfing the net, checking emails or FB account.  This is the time to power down, dim the lights, listen to relaxing music, play with your pet, take a hot bath, snuggle up with a loved one for "one-on-one time", smell some laender or read a not-so-interesting book while sipping on some sleepy time tea.