Monday- Wow do my legs hurt today from the weight training yesterday.  I'm running 12 miles today and decided to go flat by running over the bridge and up the west side.  Well,more flat than going to prospect park.  Trouble is that it's very windy today so the first half I was running against the wind and on the way back I simply reduced my effort and brought my HR down but didn't run faster.  Average pace for the 10 miles (didn't include the 1 mile warm up and cool down) was 9:30mm about 10 sec per mile slower than I intended and my HR was about 5bpm faster than I wanted.So I'm having a little bit of an off day, but the wind didn't help either.  Was going to do legs again tomorrow at the gym but will hold off until Thursday so I get some good recovery and don't screw up my planned speed work at the track on Wednesday.

Tuesday- After morning clients downtown I want for an easy 6 mile run. Mild, damp and not very windy. This is a totally flat run through battery park and up the west side briefly. Did not eat yet today, just cleanse for life and ionix about 2 hours earlier and had a isadelight chocolate right before the run. I like running these easy runs without food or extra water to weigh me down. Warm up and cool down was for 1/2 mile each. Ran the main set at 8:51 and av hr 162 ( a little high). Goal pace was 9:00.  Right after running I did 40 minutes of weights at John Street. No lower body. Did 9 exercises for back, chest and shoulders. Rep range was 8-12 and did 4 sets of all. Weight was not too heavy. Slow, controlled motions with short rest in-between. Shoulder felt good for most part but I did keep the weight low which is think is key now.

Wednesday- After morning clients I had half a shake and left for a 9 mile run. Today is intervals at the track followed by Race pace for 4-5 miles. Warmed up 2 plus miles to the track. Did 4x100m recovering with 100 m walk. My goal was 27 sec and I completed all at 25-26 seconds. Immediately following did 4x200m recovering with 200m jog. My goal was 54 seconds and I completed all between 46-56 sec. I spent about 5 minutes grabbing my equipment, adjusting my Garmin and jogging easily. Then picked up the pace for a few miles. Intended to run at 7:55 MP for 4-5 miles. Found that the wind at the track was working with me, but during the MP portion I was running against some wind about 80% of the time. HR was pretty high, in the mid 170's and needed to take a 3min walk break at 2 miles and then picked up the pace again. Ended up completing 4 miles a little slower than MP at 8:05. Not at all disappointed. Want to continue this training. Get my average pace up and then increase the time spent at MP. The track work felt pretty easy but the 4 miles at MP were pretty tough.

MOD REP 8-12 0

Thursday- Today is my off day. Not entirely, because I want to do weights and swim, but at least no running. After clients at John street I did a heavy session for 45 minutes of legs, back and shoulders. 3 exercises legs, followed by 3 for shoulders, followed by 3 for back. Rep range was 8-12 x 3 sets. Legs felt completely recovered and the 95# squats felt easy. As usually, shoulder work felt the hardest. Wont do abs today because i've done them 2 days in a row, but will do yoga before swimming tonight.  Swam with the tri team in the evening at Roosevelt pool. Energy is good going into it. Had a light dinner before I left. Crowded pool today. Warm up was followed by drills. Did lots of 50m sprints. Variations of out easy, hard back and rest after 50. Also did 100 repeats with the same guidelines. Felt really good to be able to keep my form on these faster intervals. My best 50 was 50 sec, and worst was 1:03 (i think). Not bad. Until the very end of the workout was able to keep long swim strokes finishing most laps between 25 and 27 strokes.

Intervals 0

Friday- Today I'm replacing an easy run with an indoor cycling session as I've done over the last two weeks.  Feel like I need a mental break from running, plus it's the only way I can get in a bike ride without compromising my running program.. Feel good after having yesterday off from running. Weight training from yesterday is not noticable, but mid back is a little sore from swimming. Doing a fun interval set today. Warm up 15 minutes then at a low resistance and goal to reach HR of 163 did 20s(40s rest), 40s(20s), 60(60), 40(20), 20(40). Followed by recovery into mid 140hr range at same resistance for 5 minutes. Did this twice. Next set is 2 minutes hard (about 80 rpm) and HR between 153-163 followed by 4 min rest at same resistance HR again in mid 140 range. Did this set 3 times. That was a 55 min workout. Could have done another set easily. Cool down for another 5 min. Felt really good. Like the second set over the first.

Saturday- Woke up and relaxed for about an hour then had an isalean shake with banana and got ready for my long run. Went to prospect park for an 18 mile progressive run. It's a nice sunny day, not too much wind, wore light layers. Body feels pretty good, quads are a little sore but otherwise feel recovered from 2 days off running. Once at the park I ran clockwise for 9 miles then turned around. I have not run this pattern in a while and prefer it to starting counter-clockwise. Warm up 2 miles up to prospect park at 10:24 pace HR 146 Miles 2-8 pace goal 9:30, actual 9:24 HR 153 Miles 8-12 pace goal 9:00, actual 8:57 HR 160 Miles 12-16 pace goal 8:30, actual 8:31 HR 170 Miles 16-18 cool down at 9:17 pace HR 156. Loved this run! Could have run another 2 miles or so at 8:30 pace. Had to work hard those 4 miles as there were two big hills to climb and I did take them hard getting HR up to 182bpm. Cool down felt good as well, not fatigued. Had 3 short breaks to take gels. Experimenting with different brands and liked this combo. At 5 mile hammer gel, at 9 mile honey stinger, at 13 mile power gel. Also drank want more energy in my water. Didn't drink a lot, just when I took the gels. Average pace for whole run was 9:12. Next progressive I will plan for the west side. Will also plan to run a a bit at 8:00. Maybe progress pace every 3 miles instead of every 4. Think a long warm up and cool down are critical.

Sunday- Woke up felling well rested. Nothing hurts, is tight or sore. Legs felt heavy during warm up and decided will take todays easy 6 mile run super easy. I would prefer to go flat, but there just are not any good routes without stop n go traffic. So, I'll do my typical Brooklyn bridge run but just take it really easy. Usually my 6 mile recovery run is done at about 155bpm and 9:00 pace. Today my AV HR was only 149 and pace during 5.5 miles was 9:24. Even on the hills my HR only got up to 163, I stuck to my plan.  Later in the afternoon I got in my 3rd weight training session for the week. Went down to the basement and did a lot of leg work. Some stability and some power but not too many reps. Each leg exercise was followed by an upper body stabilization exercise. Good total body workout but still fairly light. Have not done power work in a couple of weeks and may be feeling that tomorrow.

Totals for the week:  Run 51 miles for 7:51 min, bike 1 hr, swim 1:20, weight train 2:10.