It's 3p.m., and you're feeling less than peppy.  Instead of grabbing a cup of joe or a caffeinated soda, why not try one of these natural, low-to no-calorie energy boosters? Almonds (preferably raw): Almonds are a terrific source of protein that helps stabilize blood sugar and increase energy.  Almonds also contain potassium, which aids in regulating glucose metabolism.  Eat a dozen, and chew well, for a healthy snack under 100 calories.

Peppermint:  Perk up with peppermint essential oil or peppermint tea.  Research suggests that the smell of peppermint can boost energy and alertness.  It has been found to stimulate an area of the brain that wakes us up in the morning.

Chocolate:  Not all chocolate is created equal.  Add to your daily diet IsaDelights.  It's a unique healthy, happy, quilt free dark chocolate.  If you love chocolate or crave junk food, just pop one of these 50 calorie treats in your mouth.  They satisfy the part of the brain that triggers cravings, leaving you feeling satisfied.  I enjoy an Isadelight every day, often it's the first thing I eat.

Water:  For the purposes of energizing your body, the colder, the better.  The sensation of cold helps stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (aka the fight-or-flight response) and trigger an adrenaline release.  When you need a quick boost, it gets the energy flowing.  Plus just about everyone could use more water daily.