Call #7   5/24- What is sugar?  How does your body deal with it?  Why is it addictive?  What can you do to control it's effects on your body?  It is part one of a 2 part call. call 7- sugar part 1

CALL #6   5/17-  this call was essentially about crowding out the bad foods by incorporating more healthy foods, in particular, eating more dark leafy greens.   You noticed during your cleanse that a lot of cravings that you used to have were eliminated and that it was in part because you simply avoided certain foods altogether.  Wether you are continuing on a strict cleansing cycle or have moved into maintenance, you probably want to know how you can continue having a good relationship with food without getting off track with your goals.  This call will help you with that. In addition, I review two Isagenix products, the Greens and IsaFruits, that also work to crowd out less healthy foods and are an essential supplement to any diet.  Are you getting 3-5 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables every day?

call 6- Greens, glorious greens

CALL #5 5/10-  Find out how to design good goals and learn how to write specific and measurable goals to assure success.  Also how to establish regular exercise into your goals and build from short term to long term.

call 5- setting goals, exercise for life

CALL #4  5/3-  On this call you will learn how to identify which foods are better for fueling your body and which foods leave you unsatisfied.  With mindful eating practices along with planning and logging your meals you can determine what works well for you.  Take a look at this link for the My body Food Log and get a report card on micronutrient balance and nutrition profile for your meals.

call 4- conscious eating, food log

CALL #2 4/5- What is it about water that is so important?  Listen to this call to learn why it's vitally important for good health to be adequately hydrated.  Also learn about sources of water and tips on how to drink the right amount for your body.

call 2- water

Also learn about quality water containers  at this link.

CALL #1  3/29- learn how to access information on your Isagenix website to learn all about the products, systems, and training that is available.  As well how to manage your wholesale account.  What are the ideal foods to be eating during a cleanse program on your shake days as well as on cleanse days, including snack ideas?  It's all here on this first call.

call 1- back office, getting started