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95 Wall Street Promo- Spring into Shape

Together we will change your lifestyle so you can be as fabulous as possible.

Professional Organizer (Jaclyn Gross) and Personal Trainer (Carla Weier) team up to provide this special offer to residents at 95 Wall Street.  Spring is here and you have only 2 months to look and feel great for summer and BEYOND!

Our Spring into Shape Promo includes:


Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?  Do you know that 80% of what you wear comes from 20% of what you have?  All the other stuff just sits there taking up space.  Space you are going to need to replace the baggy clothes that Carla is going to shape you out of.  Now is the time to have a Professionsl Organizer help you get rid of the old things, create space for your current lifestyle and make getting dressed fun and easy.  De-clutter your closet and unleash a new you!  Visit and email Jaclyn@tiptoporganizing to get started today!



Do you have your heart set on wearing pencil thin pants that you dont want to part with but are too tight?  Not quite ready to go shopping for a new bathing suit?   If you are ready for a challenge, and to face the reality that some exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes are in order, this package is for you.  Work with me a specialist in nutrition and personal training and you will get the results you desire.  All you have to do is walk right upstairs to the gym.  NO MORE EXCUSES.

In this package you will receive:

  • THREE 1-hour personal training sessions
  • ONE 1-hour Nutrition Consultation to review lifestyle and dietary challenges
  • ONE 1-hour assessment session for goal setting and physical assessments including body composition, strength, flexibility and muscular imbalances
  • * personal training package must be completed within 3 weeks. Contact to get started


    Offer Expires May 31, 2011

    March 1/2 Price Personal Training Promo

    Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to get fit so you look and feel great for summer.  Get the results you desire by working with a pro who can help you with fitness and nutrition.  For the month of March, pending availability, I am offering my neighbors at 184 Kent, The EDGE, and Northside Piers a special combo package at Half Price!  You won’t find a better deal than this on Groupon!  Savings and a slimmer more confident figure are sure to result.


    6- one hour personal training sessions

    1- one hour nutrition consultation

    1- one hour session for physical assessments and to set goals.

    Valued at $720, I am offering this one time, 30 day package to my neighbors for only $360.  Contact me NOW before my schedule completely fills up and ask for a meeting to discuss you health, fitness, and wellness goals. or 917-292-2069

    Avoid Holiday Weight Gain! Come to my event to find out how.

    Are you getting fat just thinking about the holidays?

    Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years are getting closer and closer!

    What do they all have in common?  FOOD!

    Heavy meals, drinks, sweets, candy, cookies, pastry....all creeping closer, all ready to leap on your hips, thighs and butt.  Stop the assault on your waistline and on your body.  Help is available!  Free yoursdlf from the millions of celebrating calories that want YOU for their dinner!

    Join us for an afternoon of education and tasting.  Stop those sneaky calories before they end up in your body, and you end up on another endless cycle of dieting and deprivation.  Learn to control your appetite easily and effortlessly.  Allow yourself to choose to eat healthier and enjoy it.  Give yourself an amazing new gift for the holidays, a new healthier you with the body your want.

    Sign up today, and fit right in!

    Email or call 917-292-2069 to register.

    Sunday November 14, 3:00 pm at my fabulous new home located at  #1 Northside Piers, PH10, Brooklyn NY 11211.  Easily accessible by the Bedford stop on the L train

    Compleat Fitness Williamsburg Running Club- A goal oriented running group

    Whether your goal is improved fitness, to run your first 5k, improve your running pace, or expand your distance and endurance, this program is for you.  Yes there is a social component to this group and you will enjoy the benefits of support from your peers, but the emphasis of this program is on setting and meeting goals.

    This group is coached by Carla Weier, an RRCA certified running coach.  My additional qualifications include Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Counselor.  My experience in all of these areas is applied to my running program, which is why this group is unlike any other running program available in the area.

    Prior to joing the program you will complete an application.  This is followed by a phone consultation so that I clearly understand your goals, abilities, current level of commitment, and we can discuss any concerns you many have moving forward in the program.


    • A fun group environment to run with two days a week for a period of 8 weeks.
    • Each run includes a warm up and cool down with stability, strength, and power training exercises where appropriate.
    • A written program to safely progress you to your goals.  Each week you will have a running calendar with training goals for the week.  The programs will be varied depending on your experience level.
    • Educational information during our weekly sessions and via email on topics related to running including but not limited to injury prevention, nutrition during running, strength training, setting realistic goals, heart rate training, and importance of a balanced diet.
    • A complimentary physical assessment including body fat analysis and analysis of muscle imbalances.  I can then create a personalized strength and flexibility program to improve these imbalances so that your feel better through both daily activities and running. *

    * Additional fee applies to create and distribute a unique flexibility and strength program.

    Call 917-292-2069 or email me to get started.


    • Private and semi private personal training services in your home gym.
    • Private running coaching for those who have longer distance goals or prefer a more personal approach.
    • Private nutrition counseling programs.
    • I offer a distance learning program to meet the needs of people who do not have the time and/or resources to work regularly with me but would like some personal instruction and regular feedback on training regimens.
    • VO2 max testing.  Using a treadmill we determine what your target HR training zones are.
    • Consultation on selecting an appropriate HR monitor, how to get started using your monitor and setting appropriate zones.  This process begins by completing a VO2 test.  I am experienced with Polar systems and Garmin systems.
    • Cleanse your way to better health with the Isagenix Cleansing Program.  Purchase of the program includes private nutritional cleanse coaching from me.
    • Referral Rewards program.  When you refer someone to one of my programs I reward you with a personalized gift.


    Call #7   5/24- What is sugar?  How does your body deal with it?  Why is it addictive?  What can you do to control it's effects on your body?  It is part one of a 2 part call. call 7- sugar part 1

    CALL #6   5/17-  this call was essentially about crowding out the bad foods by incorporating more healthy foods, in particular, eating more dark leafy greens.   You noticed during your cleanse that a lot of cravings that you used to have were eliminated and that it was in part because you simply avoided certain foods altogether.  Wether you are continuing on a strict cleansing cycle or have moved into maintenance, you probably want to know how you can continue having a good relationship with food without getting off track with your goals.  This call will help you with that. In addition, I review two Isagenix products, the Greens and IsaFruits, that also work to crowd out less healthy foods and are an essential supplement to any diet.  Are you getting 3-5 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables every day?

    call 6- Greens, glorious greens

    CALL #5 5/10-  Find out how to design good goals and learn how to write specific and measurable goals to assure success.  Also how to establish regular exercise into your goals and build from short term to long term.

    call 5- setting goals, exercise for life

    CALL #4  5/3-  On this call you will learn how to identify which foods are better for fueling your body and which foods leave you unsatisfied.  With mindful eating practices along with planning and logging your meals you can determine what works well for you.  Take a look at this link for the My body Food Log and get a report card on micronutrient balance and nutrition profile for your meals.

    call 4- conscious eating, food log

    CALL #2 4/5- What is it about water that is so important?  Listen to this call to learn why it's vitally important for good health to be adequately hydrated.  Also learn about sources of water and tips on how to drink the right amount for your body.

    call 2- water

    Also learn about quality water containers  at this link.

    CALL #1  3/29- learn how to access information on your Isagenix website to learn all about the products, systems, and training that is available.  As well how to manage your wholesale account.  What are the ideal foods to be eating during a cleanse program on your shake days as well as on cleanse days, including snack ideas?  It's all here on this first call.

    call 1- back office, getting started

    RENEWAL AND BALANCE: Why Everyone Needs to Detoxify

    In an ideal world our food would nourish us and give us the nutrition we need to replenish our systems.  But since the world is far from ideal, our bodies need much higher levels of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants just to cope with our toxic environment.  The food we eat is for the most part “mass manufactured” and compared to 50 or 100 years ago, depleted in essential minerals, vitamins and may have genetically modified aspects which are very foreign to our bodies. Getting adequate nutrition from our depleted foods is simply not enough. Here are 8 other reasons why cleansing is important:

    • Many people eat non-foods like MSG, saccharine, nutrisweet, splenda, artificial colorants and flavors which put stress on our systems.
    • Almost all foods have pesticides, chemicals (PCB's, Dioxins), and Fluorides which come into our bodies each day.
    • Most meats have antibiotic, hormone, and chemical residues.
    • Most fish have mercury and chemical residues.
    • Even if we are drinking purified water, most of us shower in water that is full of chemicals, or sit in Jacuzzi’s or swimming pools that are full of chemicals that enter our system every day that must be dealt with.
    • Our foods are contaminated with phthalates from plastic wraps, Styrofoam, Tupperware, and non-stick coatings from fry pans which enter our system.
    • Our clothes, mattresses, and sheets, are full of chemicals, flame retardants, preservatives, and anti-fungals which enter our bodies through the skin.
    • Our air is full of carbon monoxide, petrochemicals, lead, mercury, plastics fumes, etc. which enter our bodies when we breathe.

    Thus to flourish we must supplement and consume more foods that are naturally detoxifying.  Click here to learn more about my 12-week Spring into Action Cleansing and Renewal program.  And Click here to learn what foods you should be eating more of, and which ones you should be eating less often.

    "Spring into Action" Teleseminar Nutrition Program

    Are you are ready to take your health and fitness to a higher level and would like some help? What you may be missing when it comes to making lifestyle and dietary changes that will allow you to take your health and vitality to a higher level is the right coaching and support.

    For the first time ever I am offering a 12- week series of live holistic nutrition teleseminars valued at $1200 for FREE.

    Do you ask yourself these questions?:

    How can I reduce and eliminate un-healthy cravings?

    How can I reach and maintain a healthy weight?

    How can I adjust my diet so that I recover well from my workouts?

    How can I have vibrant energy and mental clarity all day long?

    How can I get the support I need to improve my health?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is worth your time to take a look at this video link here. The 12-week program incorporates a nutritional cleansing program and this video explains the health benefits.

    Intrigued? If you are interested in learning more about nutritional cleansing and the 12- week program contact me today to get your questions answered such as:

    What cleanse program will fit into my lifestyle and goals.  The nutritional cleanse can be easily modified to meet your individual energy needs and schedule.

    How can I do this affordably, with no extra out of pocket expenses?

    When will the program start and how do I prepare for the start of my program?

    To support you in creating these healthy new habits my 12-week Spring into Action live and recorded teleseminar series will include the following topics:

    Remember this FREE course is valued at $1200 Creating an environment for success.

    Learn the difference between Primary and Secondary foods and how lifestyle affects your physical health and your relationship with food.

    Breaking the food craving cycle.

    How food choices can improve performance in endurance, strength, and flexibility.

    How to incorporate more whole foods into your diet, including what to shop for and how to prepare.

    Experimenting with the energy of food.  How to use a food log and learn how foods affect your energy.

    The importance of hydration and nutrition intake in relation to exercise.

    Sugar cravings and how to address them.

    Improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

    Self care for a healthier you.

    The psychology of eating- it’s not that you don’t have will power.

    Continuing with your success and how to move forward.

    Each teleseminar will include time for you to ask questions, and the calls will be recorded so you can review them at any time.

    The teleseminars will be on Monday's at 7:30 pm EST.  The first call will be Monday March 29th so contact me now to learn about the program and to enroll.  or 917-292-2069

    For more information on Carla Weier visit For more information on the Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse visit